Are you hardwired to be focused or off-task?

The age-old nature versus nurture question.

My belief is we tend lean more towards one side or another, but our habits push to be what we want to be regardless of nature or nurture. You want to be organized and focused? Set better habits and work on them. 

When you are accountable to someone – a boss, project deadline, school, etc. we tend to get stuff done. We all need a little accountability.

When we are functioning on our own, such as when we are our own boss, we might not be as efficient as we once thought. On our own, we tend to mess it up a little and not stay accountable to ourselves. Entrepreneurship can be tricky this way.

In today’s episode, I’ll cover

  • How to make space for success
  • Keep realistic expectations of yourself
  • Brain Dump when in a rut
  • If it’s not scheduled it’s not real
  • Troubleshooting your relationship with a focus

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