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My Story

In 2009, I began food blogging. Back in the day when Blogger was really popular and WordPress was still relatively new. Food blogging was made popular by the movie Julie and Julia (a girl who blogged her way through the Julia Child’s Art of Cooking book). 


Cooking is a passion of mine, my dad and I share recipes and compare notes. So I thought what a great way to document what I’m doing and share it with my family. Little did I know the road this food blog would take me on.


Fast forward 4 years and I am writing my blog, I picked up a food column in my local newspaper and I was participating in our local farmers’ market teaching others about food (foreshadowing here). This is when I first thought to make a business of this somehow and started researching monetizing blogs and online business, which lead me to find my online mentors: Amy Porterfield, Ali Brown, Marie Forleo, Pat Flynn, James Wedmore (when he was doing video tutorials).


I consumed all I could about online marketing, creating an online business, growing a list, business models for online businesses and alllllll the techy pieces that go with it. I signed up for B-School and Amy Porterfield’s list building class met Amy in person at my B-School bonus event. I immersed myself in all the things. 


About this time my dad gifted me an Instant Pot Pressure and once I began using it I was so excited to share what I knew with the world (again foreshadowing). So I found my new niche – Not Your Grandma’s Pressure Cooking. I put all my online marketing skills to work. I leveraged Pinterest and I grew my email list to over 1000 people (and growing daily) in just a few months, my Pinterest views each month were over 300k and climbing, my Youtube introduction video reach over half a million views. I guess it’s safe to say I learned a little from immersing myself in learning online marketing. Success!


But I didn’t start out feeling great about marketing. In fact, marketing was my least favorite topic, scared the crap out of me and I was sure I would NEVER be good at it. Even my first round through B-school I dreaded and avoided it. But I knew it was vital if I ever wanted to run a business. So I consumed all the things.


Now 6 years later, I have gone from a scared-of-marketing food blogger to an online business owner who teaches online marketing and a digital marketing strategist at the agency I work for. My what a difference a few years can make. I follow all the trends, I consume marketing content almost obsessively and it’s now my passion. How crazy is it to go from hating and avoiding marketing to it being something I am so passionate about? I embraced it and I learned, and continue to learn, everything I could.


Ok, this part here is important and I foreshadowed it above because it’s a common theme in my life. Have you heard of Sparketype? I heard about Sparketypes on a James Wedmore podcast with the founder, Jonathan Fields. It’s a personality assessment similar to Enneagram and 16 Personalities, but slightly different. Sparketype takes your personality into consideration and tells you what type of work you should be doing in your life. 


Sometimes you just need a little confirmation in your life.


My Sparketype is what they call a Sage – I love learning and immersing myself in subjects (ya, I knew that), but the goal of all that learning is to help and teach others. A ha!!! While I knew I loved to teach others and loved learning, I hadn’t put it together in this way. Mind Blown.


My secondary type was what they call an Essentialist, and it’s basically an organizer of all chaos. Yes yes yes, I am definitely a system, process, and organizer type. I find myself organizing and creating systems in everything I do and everywhere I go. This is definitely my second calling. And people think I’m just bossy! (ha!)


So as I welcome you into my world, my life’s work is to help others, pass along all I know in order to help you create a thriving business online. Welcome, I’m so glad to have you!


We fully support forward-focused, revved up, new to the game entrepreneurs, like you, who desire to grow your online presence and build a stand out reputation. Together, we use strategically aligned online marketing strategies to automate business systems, save time with the push of a click, and massively grow your tribe of curious followers.

We want you to wake up each morning to more subscribers who will grow into HOT buyers!

… What’s that you say?

You you have a list of subscribers and you are not making anymore money today than you made yesterday?

You’re totally over that sick feeling in pit of your stomach and the thoughts in your mind that tell you maybe you are not doing something right OR that feeling maybe I am not cut out for this…

Well I’m here to tell you I have been there, done that, and done kicked that shit to the curb! You are on the right path, don’t let yourself get stuck.

Automated systems get the most out of your marketing.

I know Automation can sound a little cold, institutionalized and maybe you hear about it all the time and it sounds to techy?

But if you want to build that business you have been working on or dreaming of, you are going to NEED automation to serve all those beautiful people in that big world out there who you want to help.

We are all born with that special thing. Your Genius. And not everybody’s genius is building sales funnels. Hell, a lot of people hate the thought of building a funnel. They know they need it but cannot stand the thought of sitting there and actually doing it.


If so, you are bleeding customers and MONEY!

The List Building Funnel is an automated system put into place to gain new readers, and take them on a journey to turn them from COLD audience to HOT Buyers.

Automating processes like these help you get the most out of your marketing and build a relationship with your customers without adding more work hours to your business.

We want to make sure you are maximizing the value of every lead that comes into your world, and find the people who are going to stick with you.



  • Have a product, service or course.
  • Get hung up and overwhelmed by the tech “stuff.” Start working on one thing and then get interrupted for another task and then have to come back and refresh yourself of all the info you just learned.
  • want to grow your business to be sustainable so you can focus what you love, the reason you started your business, to help others!
  • Tired of taking time away from the things that are important to you – your family, clients, friends, and freedom to enjoy life.
  • You just want it done, no if’s ands or butts, get it done fast.


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