Hi! I’m Amanda

I teach Farmers how to grow a highly engaged email list to attract customers who are willing to pay your prices without question. 

In 2009, I started a hobby food blog. As a result, I began building the foundational knowledge of online marketing, building websites, growing an email list and use social media to build relationships with my readers. 

Thus beginning my career in marketing.

Growing my blog lead me to relationships with those in my local community, including the Farmers Market. One of my favorite places.

In 2009, I began working with the Farmers Market here and there, which eventually lead to my managing the farmers market online marketing. Growing their attendance by 20% and engagement by over 30% and growing their email list from 0 over 500 in just a few months.

From my experience as head of marketing for a 40 location franchise, marketing support for a 12 location franchise and support for numerous farmers and local businesses, I have honed in what works for local businesses. 

My time with the farmers market I found that farmers and markets are my people and my place. I want to help farmers get online and realize their full potential by using online methods to reach their audience.  




We fully support forward-focused, revved up, new to the game entrepreneurs, like you, who desire to grow your online presence and build a stand out reputation. Together, we use strategically aligned online marketing strategies to automate business systems, save time with the push of a click, and massively grow your tribe of curious followers.

We want you to wake up each morning to more subscribers who will grow into HOT buyers!

… What’s that you say?

You you have a list of subscribers and you are not making anymore money today than you made yesterday?

You’re totally over that sick feeling in pit of your stomach and the thoughts in your mind that tell you maybe you are not doing something right OR that feeling maybe I am not cut out for this…

Well I’m here to tell you I have been there, done that, and done kicked that shit to the curb! You are on the right path, don’t let yourself get stuck.

Automated systems get the most out of your marketing.

I know Automation can sound a little cold, institutionalized and maybe you hear about it all the time and it sounds to techy?

But if you want to build that business you have been working on or dreaming of, you are going to NEED automation to serve all those beautiful people in that big world out there who you want to help.

We are all born with that special thing. Your Genius. And not everybody’s genius is building sales funnels. Hell, a lot of people hate the thought of building a funnel. They know they need it but cannot stand the thought of sitting there and actually doing it.


If so, you are bleeding customers and MONEY!

The List Building Funnel is an automated system put into place to gain new readers, and take them on a journey to turn them from COLD audience to HOT Buyers.

Automating processes like these help you get the most out of your marketing and build a relationship with your customers without adding more work hours to your business.

We want to make sure you are maximizing the value of every lead that comes into your world, and find the people who are going to stick with you.



  • Have a product, service or course.
  • Get hung up and overwhelmed by the tech “stuff.” Start working on one thing and then get interrupted for another task and then have to come back and refresh yourself of all the info you just learned.
  • want to grow your business to be sustainable so you can focus what you love, the reason you started your business, to help others!
  • Tired of taking time away from the things that are important to you – your family, clients, friends, and freedom to enjoy life.
  • You just want it done, no if’s ands or butts, get it done fast.


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