Hi there! I’m Amanda

I‘m a get sh*t done kinda girl. Never one to ponder too long, query too much, or get mired in the weeds, I learn what I need to know and get moving. I love process and organization and can pull it all together, then execute. My zone of genius is strategizing, creating a plan, then rallying the troops to get ‘er done. I am an integrator, the drumbeat that keeps the company’s cadence. Your company. Your cadence. And I do it all with the heart and vision of a CEO.

I bring nearly two decades of experience to SMS, starting as a paralegal with a food blog side hustle, to chief of marketing for a 40-location health and fitness franchise, but always itching to build SMS.

I learned to be adaptable and today work my behind-the-scenes magic with clients to help them build online businesses, develop digital products, and grow their lists, audiences and ultimately, their brands. 

See, I could do all the things at other agencies, but deep down I’m a figure-it-outer who wanted to help those behind the scenes — the doers, the integrators, the freelancers and marketers — do it a better way. You are the star that makes it happen for the visionaries and idea makers.

I do it with my sausage dog, Tulie, by my side. Yeah, she sleeps at my feet much of the day, but she’s there encouraging me as I blend the tech, the online marketing strategies, and the art of productivity to help you get sh*t done, too. With SMS, and perhaps your own fur baby, you can become a master implementer yourself.

Amanda Long

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