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Attract Paying Customers

 Create a “waitlist” of customers ready to pay your prices without question


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Attract Paying Customers

Do you wish you could have a “waitlist” of customers ready to buy from you when your products come available? Tired of worrying about an overstocked freezer and having to discount your product again?

I teach farmers to attract their ideal customers, create highly engaged email lists of people who are willing to pay what their products are worth.

Local Marketing

Online marketing is different for local businesses.

Attract highly qualified customers who are willing to pay your prices.


 You love attending farmer’s markets and meeting your customers in person, but off-farm events can take a lot of time away from the farm. 

Add an online element to help you grow, and become more profitable.


Wearing all the hats on your farm?

I want to help you do the things online that matter most for the growth of your business, instead of trying to do #AllofTheThings online.

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Why Every Farmer Needs an Email List

Why Every Farmer Needs an Email List

It’s a tough job for farmers and small businesses wearing all the hats. As if farming and business-owning weren’t enough, but to have to become an expert marketer too?!  Don’t worry there is hope, and I have some helpful tips to build your email list and automate some...

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Attract customers ready to buy from you.
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