Does your marketing game plan lack “game?


Start making the right plays.

That’s exactly what we help
marketers overcome.

Ready for a change?

Let’s go …

In a perfect world

Marketing budgets would be
you’d have a powerhouse team at
your disposal for every campaign

But, let’s face it, that’s not the reality for any project … or team.

Balancing client expectations

along with their time and money limitations is a constant challenge for us marketers.

This balance requires an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of marketing.

And in an era where everyone tells us we have to “niche down” to become successful, it can be even harder to manage the big picture.

The demands of being an account manager, freelancer or in-house marketer require us to be more versatile and less niche – and more like a Jill of All Trades.

We have to understand marketing strategies and tactics at all stages.

And that can mean you have to follow multiple sources to stay fresh.

So, it’s time to uplevel
your skills


… to confidently create and recommend marketing strategies that get results within your clients’ means.


Become the trusted, go-to marketer who gets results.

If you’re nodding along and want to

… become the invaluable leader who inspires your team and attracts clients and referrals

…craft strategies that deliver results within your clients’ means
… stay ahead of the curve on new strategies, tactics, and industry trends
… stand out in a saturated and ever-evolving industry

it’s time to kickstart your
journey with us .

Because that’s what we’re here for —

to be the guide for your journey.

Every marketer deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and discover how to achieve outstanding results for their clients.

Marketing is more than a job for us; it’s an obsession. We’re passionate about staying ahead of the game, whether it’s keeping a keen eye on social media trends, optimizing email tactics, mastering the art of digital ads, or perfecting the science of measuring it all.

Our obsession is your advantage.

that’s the golden thread

that stitches us together: what you need, what we love and what our clients demand.
It’s a match made in marketing heaven.

So, are you ready to take the plunge?

from $249

Strategy Sesh.

via Zoom

1-on1 sessions for review of content, social, ads, email, audits, small team and workflow coaching or any other marketing coaching let’s chat.

Call recording & Amanda’s notes, post-call


Need a quick review of your marketing strategy, a project with a client, a review of your team’s organization, Asana help, digital strategy or digital ads help?

This service is for you if …

  • You’re struggling with ad performance on an ad campaign: let’s pop the hood, I’ll give you advice, we’ll brainstorm solutions.
  • You’d like an email marketing campaign reviewed, I’ll take a peek, and we’ll make adjustments to the email setup, automation timing, sequencing, subject lines, content and marketing flow.
  • You need a review of your social media strategy or digital marketing goals, plans or strategies.
  • You have hit some speed bumps in your teams organization, workflow process, Project Management or CRM setup and workflow, and you need a second set of eyes to help identify the gaps.

from $3250

Custom Digital Strategy.

Done With You 4-Week Strategy Session

Direct line to the pros. Bank of 1-hr calls

Email support throughout

A strategy document, content, social, email and digital ad recommendations


Need help on a holistic digital marketing strategy for a client or your company? A full strategy is built out with you, including content, social media, digital ads, email marketing and performance tracking.

This service is for you if …

  • You are upleveling with a new client slightly outside of your normal skillset and need a whole marketing strategy and you want to ensure you have all the pieces in place.
  • Your team is missing an ads or email specialist and you want help building out a replicable strategy your team can execute.
  • You feel as though your team might be missing something and would like a direct line to pros to call in a lifeline.

OPTION 3 (for B2B Companies)

from $3500

Chief Marketing Partner.

Get the power of a marketing wizard without having to afford a six-figure executive.

Align current marketing strategies with overall business objectives.

A marketing expert who can define marketing strategies, analyze campaigns, and help assist marketing team implementation and workflow.

This service is for you if …

  • You need a leader to guide marketing efforts, refine brand messaging, identify ideal clients, improve client retention and more.
  • You’re looking to guide your business objectives with marketing strategy.
  • You’re looking to improve your sales pipeline or expand your customer base by targeting new markets – whatever is needed to help reach business goals.
  • Your team needs a strong leader who can provide expert guidance, align teams and inspire execution.

The Holistic
Marketing System.


The place to learn my complete digital marketing strategy and system.

Learn how to master content creation, effectively convey your plan and convince your clients to buy-in so you can get them the results they are asking for.

This is my signature program that helps you go from just creating social media for clients to creation full marketing systems that bring results that win you referrals and help you market your services for even more money.


The Marketer‘s Shop.

If you just wanna DIY some of this yourself or need a quick template to help you organize your operations and services, check out our shop.

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