Tech Stack?

What a weird term – Tech Stack

No, it is not a stack of laptops and phone and tech devices you use in your business, (that is what I first imagined when I heard the term) it’s not one more thing you have to learn to use either…

You aren’t alone if you’ve got some questions about what it means and how it applies to your business.

It’s actually just a spreadsheet where I keep a list of all the software programs I subscribe to (pay for) and use in my business. It may have passwords and log ins (If you don’t use something like LastPass). I definitely include a link to access the software, and include what we use it for in the business. 

I want my team to be able to easily access everything we have at our fingertips.

This is super important because we all sign up for programs or tools that we get a good deal on but then we forget about it, and it gets lost and never use it. So what I do is create what I call a tech stack.

What’s inside my Tech Stack

  • Name of the software 


  • The link to log in

  • A description/reason to what we use it for

  • Frequency of usage (regular/occasional)

See Video Above for the Example Visually.

Different Client’s Applications/Software may vary. I might have a client that uses one and I use a different one. So this is simply where I just keep a list of All the software that we’re paying for or using regularly. So everybody on my team knows what we use.

Although you can actually add a username and password column as for me, I do not keep my passwords in here.  I do use LastPass. I love LastPass and it’s great because you can share it with your team and you don’t have to remember all your passwords and then everybody doesn’t have to share them to get in. It’s just saved in there and everybody you can give access to who needs what.


TRY this software! : 

➤ Asana:

➤ LastPass: 


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