My Favorite Tool to Track my Business


I love Creating my Content Plan in ASANAAll of my business information from my content to the back end of my business information and everything that my team uses. 


Some of the things I organize in Asana:

1. My content plans – from ideas, to planning, editing and creation. Asana helps bring my team together and stay on track.

2. Business Goals – I can document and track business goals.

3. Project and Campaign planning – hosting events? Have a special launch or promo? I plan and track it all using Asana to keep my team rowing in the same direction.


 Feature Favorite! Completion Rewards!  Click a task done and a Unicorn, Narwhals or Phoenix will fly across the screen for a little “extra” fun! I love  me some gold stars and checkboxes to mark off.



Reach Your Biggest GoalsWith Less Effort

Organization is a powerful business skill for success.

The ASANA Starter Kit is a complete roadmap to help you end the chaos, dropped deadlines and constant backtracking.

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