Just like being in the shower, my best ideas come to mind when I am driving or out and about on the move. I need to jot down those ideas as they come to mind or I’ll forget. And the one thing that is usually with me…my phone.

One word…

Whatever phone you have it either comes with a Notes app or you can get any number of free apps.

iPhone notes app
Google Drive/Docs

Are my favs and Siri is my assistant. I use Siri a lot to remind me of things, to make notes while I’m on the go, to read off my calendar, to texting, calls and playing music. Siri is like my personal assistant. I choose notes on my iPhone because I can use Siri to create notes there. But Google Drive is where I keep my files and it’s really easy to move notes from my phone to Google.

It’s important to collect those ideas right as they happen, in a place that is easy to come back to and organize later.

Our minds are not meant to remember everything. And why would you want to take up all the valuable mind space with things that can be kept and organized in a safe manner outside your mind?

Keep your brain space for creativity and the big things that are your zone of genius and when those brilliant ideas pop in mind – collect them in a safe place!

Here is my Process:

Think of something while driving:
“Hey Siri make a note” and then tell her what you want the note to say “Write a blog post on how to capture ideas on the go”
“Hey Siri…remind me today at 3 pm to write a blog post on how to capture ideas on the go.”

Think of something while on the go but you can type on your phone:
Go into Google Drive and outline or start the blog post draft, and/or hop into Asana (or your task list/project management software) and create a task.

A method to collect ideas

While it may sound like things are all over the place, it’s a system to collect ideas no matter where I am and I have a process to help those not slip through the cracks:

  1. ONE place that I can always access to jot down ideas or notes (my phone notes/Siri)
  2. A hands-free way to set up reminders (with Siri)
  3. On the go tools that sync with my laptop. (phone notes, Google Drive, Asana)

So, now that you see it broken down, what do you think? Do you have a system of your own that you use? Share it with us!

In another blog post, I will go through my day-to-day systems of getting things done.

Want more ideas or have some burning questions? Head on over to the FB Group where we talk about business systems and organization and the things you need to get your business from chaos to flow.


Capturing Ideas on the go Capturing Ideas on the go
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