Put on your mask first mama!

0Today is a short but sweet rant. Especially for you moms out there because let’s face it, we carry the most guilt about how we allocate our time when we have career/business and family.

But parent or not! You surely feel guilt in your life for how you separate (or don’t separate) your work and lifetime. 

I’ve always been a type A when it comes to work and family I look back to when my kids were younger and my husband worked out of town and honestly don’t think I could do it today. From the time my youngest were 7 years old until this year (they are now 16) my husband worked out of town M-Th. which mean all the house chores and kid duty was on me.

Now my kids are way more self-sufficient and my husband is home, but I work 100% at home now and that blurs the line of work/life. 

From all of these experiences, I’ve gleaned a good perspective on balance and what that means in the different seasons of our life.

We can always improve our mindset around balance and today’s episode will help you do just that.


[01:30] My not so secret system for planning 

[02:34] My second reason for using paper and digital

[03:59] My favorite planner

[05:12] Which project management software to use

[07:36] Steps to get started yourself


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