Learn what helps keep you on track, where you’re struggling and how you can adjust or hand things off as you need.


Your organization strategy will determine your level of success.

When I originally wrote this article my kids were starting school virtually and gawd knows what we had in store, #AmIRight?

Luckily I had WFH experience and was ready to help me and the three of them stay on track. 

Having a strategy that works for you is the key. It has to work for you. Because once you get behind it’s hard to catch up. 

That’s exactly what I told my kids.

Simply keeping up is not as effective as being organized and keeping on top of it all. Just keeping up by the skin on your teeth doesn’t feel good. 

In this week’s episode I’ll share my systems for managing email, weekly prep, my planner habits, optimal work time and more for keeping on top of it all.

Allowing you to start organizing and getting ahead of things to significantly reduce your overwhelm, allowing you to focus on the essential things in your business and life.

SUMMARY: Here’s a glance at this episode…

[00:01] So simply keeping up is not as effective as being organized and keeping on top of it all. So just by keeping up and holding on by the skin of your teeth, that is not a happy place to live. That’s just surviving. But we want you to thrive. I don’t want you to be struggling to get by because you’re keeping up.

[00:18] I want you to be able to have ease and flow when it comes to keeping. I love organization and some would say that I’m super organized, but it came from being a paralegal for many years in the legal field. I had to, That was like my survival was dependent on me staying super organized and being able to keep on top of it.

[00:40] And trust me when I say, there was a time when I was so burnt out and I didn’t really know what I was doing, and that is when I figured it. That is when I knew I had to come up with a strategy that was going to keep me on track. I mean, I was keeping track of documents, massive amounts of documents, sometimes in litigation timelines, calendaring do timelines and tracking timelines to ensure we had everything produced in time, everything out in time.

[01:09] The attorneys had what they needed, that we were there for hearings, that we didn’t miss any deadlines because deadlines in the legal field. Mean malpractice. So it was a crash course in being organized to the end degree for sure. Naturally, I carried this organization over into my business and to my marketing career, and I am so grateful because I know it is something people struggle with, especially when you go out on your own.

[01:35] It starts to get really hairy once you are the one responsible for everything. So your organizational strategy will determine your level of success. I’m gonna say it again, but that does not mean that you have to be organized by nature. You just need to have a strategy or system that works for you. So here are some of the ways that I stay organized so that I don’t have to spend so much time feeling like I’m scrambling or I’m struggling to keep up.

[02:03] Learn what helps keep you on the track where you’re struggling, and how you can adjust or hand it off as you need to. So first I’m gonna talk about my planner and my calendar. These are vital. If something is not on my calendar, I guarantee you I will. I’m busy. We’re all busy. We have business and life and families to keep up with.

[02:24] And so if I don’t put it in a place that’s gonna remind me, I’m not gonna remember it. So the first paper is my jam. It’s my goal. My go-to is my planner. I can use a daily, I have project management system that I use to help track my 90-day goals, break them down further. I track my annual goals and I track any client work that I’m working on.

[02:47] So I prefer to have my calendar that has a daily view. Um, I use the full focus planner, which I love, and I will put that link in the show notes for you. I love it because each day has a two page layout. One page is notes so I can jot down notes as I’m on a call or if I’m sitting here recording this podcast and something comes up, I can read a little note to remind me to go back to that later.

[03:11] But I like the other side because it has a list for my tasks. It has a spot for my top three things that need to get done that day. And then it also has a column for all of my appointments, which are very important to me. It keeps everything together on those two pages for the day. So my projects, my big goals, and my annual goals and my quarterly goals are all tracked in Asana, and that is my online project management software that helps keep me on track so that.

[03:39] Everything in there that is going on in the business, and what I do is I take whatever’s happening this week that’s over in Asana, and that gets put into my planner on the particular day that it needs to be done.

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