Without pain the moments of pleasure would be meaningless.


 Why does it even matter? Why can’t we just hunker down in our comfort zones? 

Well if the pandemic taught us anything it’s that we need people and need to get out more than we all thought we probably needed. 

I’m an introvert and love WFH. 

But getting uncomfortable helps you grow and learn – if you want to become stronger, you have to challenge your muscles which is what getting out of your comfort zone does for our brain. 

It trains our brains to tolerate being uncomfortable. 

It changes our mindset on being uncomfortable so that when you feel awkward, sad, scared, or uncomfortable, you know it’s our innate nature protecting us, not that we are in any actual danger. 

Getting uncomfortable is key to breaking through where you are now to where you want to be. 

And It keeps our brains young

We all struggle with this because pain avoidance is built in to us.

Facing new difficult situations is painful

And most of the time instead of trying to take tiny steps to begin – we try to dive head first, sending us right back into our comofort holes. 

Especially if you have anxiety, like me.

And if you do ya might sometimes equate being “uncomfortable” with “fear” – but there’s a difference and we have to remind ourselves of that. Fear is usually about something dangerous happening to yourself or others, and we may sometimes mistake that feeling for being uncomfortable which then triggers fight or flight response and messes us all up when we are simply feeling discomfort. 

It just takes some practice.

Growth and discomfort walk the same path. If you want success it requires comfort with discomfort.

Comfort = complacency within our current situation which doesn’t encourage growth. (here’s where you have a sense of control)

Uncomfortable = growth, change, risk, fun, and challenging (here’s where you have little sense of control)

No wonder it’s so hard for us!

Listen to today’s episode for the steps I’m taking to bust outta my comfort zone: 

    • Know your limiting beliefs 
    • Be feeling aware
    • Flip the script on negative thinking
    • Identify the types of experiences you are uncomfortable 
    • Start small and do something on the list 
    • Use your habits – and habit stacking (tying new habits to your already established habits to get them going)
    • Journal about your experience
  • You’ll have ups and downs, but keep at it and leave your ego at the door when something doesn’t work and as long as we stay curious, ask questions, be a student of the world good things will come our way.

I’m not there yet, I don’t have all the answers, I just have my plan to share with you. I’d love your advice if you have it and happy to have your encouragement along the way.

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