Facebook has got a bad wrap lately. But it’s still the place to be, especially for local businesses. While everyone proclaims they hate Facebook and routinely turn their profiles off and on, it’s still the place to find information on businesses, get news, and more.


The proof is in the numbers, not what you hear everyone saying … aka Fake News…


Anyway, Facebook is still the cheapest place to run ads and get great results. It’s still the largest and fastest platform for growing your local business.


Instagram (owned by Facebook) is even getting better! Have you tried Instagram Stories or the newly release IGTV? Seriously good stuff and a great place to start conversations. But the real quality engagement is much slower and much less quality on Instagram.


Regardless of all the Zuckerberg testimonies and data leaks (I mean do you really think anything you post on Facebook is private?), Facebook is raging on. Facebook is a big deal and Zuckerberg’s testimony in these investigations is because Facebook is a BIG deal. No other social media platform has this power. But let’s get real, Facebook is doing exactly what a SOCIAL media platform does when it gets as big as Facebook. It’s allowing BILLIONS of people share information and unfortunately, countries are now using the platform for no good. We knew that would happen, right?


Facebook still carries the MOST engagement and activity each day. Facebook Ads still outperform Instagram ads.


Video is king on Facebook, especially now after the recent algorithm change. And Facebook Live is the ultimate video type.


The ability to create videos simply and run affordable ads makes Facebook the optimal place for people to start businesses and GROW businesses. Never has there been such an amazing time to be a business owner and be able to start your startup!


As for the algorithms. I know they get a bad rap. But in all honesty, they are our friends. Facebook has built the algorithms to serve us (as users) the content we really like and us (as businesses) the users who are most likely to be our ideal clients/customers.


Yup, you are going to have to spend some cash, but it is still CHEAP and HIGHLY TARGETED. Compare Facebook ads to Google Adwords, Broad untargeted billboards and newspaper ads! You’ll pay less and get some highly targeted traffic.


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