It’s a tough job for farmers and small businesses wearing all the hats. As if farming and business-owning weren’t enough, but to have to become an expert marketer too?!  Don’t worry there is hope, and I have some helpful tips to build your email list and automate some of the processes.


There was a time social media generated gobs of traffic and consistent posting got eyes on your content. Then we saw Facebook and Pinterest (and eventually Instagram) change algorithms, and businesses and online marketers saw social channel traffic drop hard. 


The problem with social media is that someone else owns these platforms, can alter what is seen and distributed, which can result in big changes to our audience reach. The algorithms are meant to connect you with people who are most likely to interact with your business. In a way, this produces better quality results, but it also makes it hard to reengage our audience who may have forgotten about us. 


This was a reminder to all businesses that email is not dead, and the only place we have ownership and control of our conversations with our audience.


Whether you are new to online business or been around a while, email is the place to focus your efforts. The place to convert those who visit your website, social channels, or even those you meet in person. 


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The Benefits of Email Marketing: 

You own your list

Like I said above, someone else owns social media and can change up the rules at any time. Those emails you capture through your website or social, that is a list of leads – email leads – you own. Any email list you build you own and take with you even if you change email service providers.


It’s Inexpensive Marketing

For $20-25 a month you can communicate with your audience as much as you want. You will likely find that most of your sales come from those on your email list. Consider that monthly cost versus your average customer sale and you will see you make your money back pretty easily.


You can automate it and personalize it.

Ahhh… yes. Automation is the sweet sound of you not having to do one more thing. Stop having to manually add and remove people from your email list. Now, you can write that email and schedule it to go to your audience when you want it to go out. Each email is sent to the subscriber, not as a group email, which means you can even pop in fields that will fill in the subscriber’s name and add a personal touch to every email. 


Automation is not having to manually send welcome emails to everyone, but instead, setting up a really great sequence of emails that goes out to every person who signs up. Nurture your audience through a personalized process to learn more about you and your products. 


Also set up forms to collect emails on your website, on your social media accounts, and even at your in-person events.


Ready to start building your own email list? Click Here.


Higher ROI on your emails – this is where you can sell

Your email audience is filled with people who raised their hands to get more information from you. They chose to follow your journey. These are your warm to hot leads, ready or very close to purchasing from you. Your emails will guide them through purchasing from you. And with an investment of $20-$25 a month if the average value of each purchase is $20 you really only have to make 1 sale to break even, but what would your return on your investment be if you made 20 sales through email?  


What do you include in an email to your list? 

One of the things my clients struggle with most, but this doesn’t have to be hard. Here are a few ideas that will help you:

  • Keep customers notified of farm stand days and farmers market locations.
  • Announce new in-season products.
  • Announce special products.
  • Teach your audience how to use your products.
  • Have odd products? Ranchers have meat products people aren’t used to in the grocery store us this opportunity to explain why your customers might want certain products and how to use them.
  • Mention offers – this can be specific to your email subscribers as a VIP offer because they are on your email list they get special treatment.
  • Share recipes, the easier you make it for people to use your products without having to do the work themselves, the easier your sale will be.
  • Keep in touch with what’s going on on the farm. Life on the farm posts provides that window for your audience into your world and what things look like direct from their farmer.  #Knowyourfarmer is big right now! Tell a story in your email about one of your fun, challenging, tough, or turning point days that happened in the last month.
  • Your favorite things – list things you love, your products, books, music, podcasts, clothing, shoes, tools, equipment. Anything you love share it.


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My recommendation to clients is to use Constant Contact as their email marketing system. It’s simple to use, affordable, and creates great-looking emails. 


Look for their 60-day free trial. This will let you try out their services for free and allow you 60-days to begin building your email list without any investment.  


I have tried more than a handful of email platforms in my 7 years of experience in online marketing. Constant Contact has been my go-to option for my clients. It’s been the easiest for clients to learn and navigate, and the features are robust and simple to use.


Learn how to build an email list Here. Join my free 5-day email list building course to learn how to reach your ideal customers and nurture them to sales.


Disclaimer: I earn a commission from Constant Contact if you use my referral link to make a purchase at no extra cost to you. I chose to become an affiliate of Constant Contact because it’s a product I have tested, use, recommend and believe in. Thanks for your support.


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