How to help your clients win the social media game. 

Hey there! 🌟 Let’s talk about social media and how things are changing. You see, the old ways of social media management just aren’t cutting it anymore. 

Businesses can’t afford to simply hand off their social accounts and forget about them. 

We’re in a new era where companies need a kickass social media system to succeed. 

I want to dive into why selling a social media system to your clients is the way to go and give you some tips to make it happen.

The Problem with Old-School Social Media Management

So, picture this: a company has someone else handling their social media, and they’re completely disconnected from it. 

Sound familiar? 

Well, guess what? That approach ain’t gonna fly anymore. 

It is not authentic, their audience doesn’t learn anything about the company and in this day and age CEOs and company leaders are the face of the company people want to see and hear from.

If you want to win the social media game for your clients you need to convince your client that their team needs to be engaged, present, and active online. 

Oh, and that means a CEO hiding in the shadows won’t do any good. It’s time to step up and embrace the power of social media.

How do you get this buy-in? Show them. Share other companies doing it right, use your other clients’ success stories and your own.

Why Being Active on Social Media Matters?

Having an active social media presence is crucial to a thriving online presence. People view your website and social platforms before they do business with you. 

They want to know you’re alive, get more value or learn more. This day’s buyers are highly educated about their problems and options before they get to them. 

We’ve got to provide the information they need before they get to us.

Companies that encourage their employees to be social media rock stars have a massive advantage. 

Take a look at companies whose teams participate in conversations, share their expertise, and represent their brand, it creates real connections with their audience. 

It’s like creating your own army of micro-influencers.

And those connections? They’re gold.

Forget the Fluff, Give Them Value

Enough with the boring stuff, my friend. 

Nobody wants to see a feed full of self-promotion, award announcements, or upcoming events. Yawn! 

It’s time to switch things up and start offering real value. 

Show your audience how you’ve helped other clients, talk about the future of your industry, address common mistakes, and share innovative ideas and tips. 

Give them easy bite-sized actionable pieces of content, that are entertaining or helpful.

Trust me, they’ll eat it up.

Empower Your Executives and Sales Reps:

Here’s the secret sauce … 

For a killer social media system, get your executives and sales reps in on the action! 

Train them, guide them, and let them unleash their social media superpowers. 

When your top dogs and sales champs become active on social media, it’s a game-changer. 

They can share your latest blog posts, drop industry insights, and add their personal touch. Along with joining the collective online conversation. 

Help them connect with potential clients and companies they want to work with. 

It’s all about building trust, credibility, and showing the world what your team is made of!

Fuel Your Team with Content and Creative Prompts

You want to keep the social media party going, right? 

Well, arm your team with awesome content ideas and prompts. 

Give them the tools they need to shine. Let them put their own spin on things and create authentic connections with your followers. 

Maybe they can share that killer client success story, provide practical tips, or find unique ways to share your latest blog. The more creative, the better!

This is what I do with my most successful clients. The world of social media is changing, my friend. The old ways of social media management just don’t cut it anymore. 

But there is so much we can do to help our clients embrace active engagement, valuable content, and getting the whole team involved. 

By following these tips, you’ll create a social media presence for your clients that rocks, strengthens their brand, and drives some serious results in the digital realm. 

It’s time to level up your social media game! 🚀

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