How I use Canva, a non-designer’s perspective to create great content for myself and my clients

Do you struggle to create great content and can’t afford a professional designer? Wellll…. Today I’ll share my favorite tool. 

Today we’re chattin’ about Canva!

CANVA is a free-to-use online tool that combines design, photo-editing, and layout to help business owners create beautifully finished projects. This is also one of the first tools I used to build my business (aside from my website and social media accounts). Canva makes me feel like a professional designer – when I’m not! I was able to make visually appealing graphics for social, create PDFs and downloadable things easily and quickly in Canva when I wasn’t able to have help. I didn’t need to be a designer to get my business off the ground



1. Brand Kit

 This is so easy to set up a brand kit for your entire team to use so you don’t have to go searching for brand logos fonts and colors! At your fingertips!

2. Free Stock Photos, Videos & Music

Everything is in one place – elements, shapes, photos, frames, anything you want you can usually find in Canva – if you need special fonts or elements Creative Market is my go-to source for purchasing design elements I can use in canva – there are even templates to purchase as well as on Etsy too.

In Photoshop and Illustrator, you don’t have all the pieces at your fingertips in your workspace you have to go find the files and elements and add them to your design. I need the visuals to scroll through and play around with. Canva makes that easy! I can have one subscription for it all.

2. Content Creation

 I create almost all social assets, videos, slideshows, gift certificates, blog headers, website graphics, sticker designs, downloadables, worksheets, charts, calendars, presentations, flyers, ebooks, guides, magazines, manuals, infographics, printable books, email signatures, event graphics, email banners images and graphics, anything that needs designing I do in Canva. It’s quicker and all of these things can be created beautifully in Canva. 

I do engage a designer for things such as logos, infographics, designs that I want a polished finished look for, projects that require more design flair and anything that will be printed on apparel or merchandise. I do mockup my ideas in Canva and let the designer bring them to life.


My Favorite Features in everyday designing!!

    • Background Removal – this is such an amazing tool that wasn’t around when I started using Canva, it does a better job at removing backgrounds than I could do in Photoshop!
    • Text Effects – I use the Lift effect most, it helps separate text from the background and gives it a little “lift.”  The curve effect is another super fun effect, and I’m so excited Canva created this effect- to make text curve
    • Neon! Oh I love that you can apply a neon effect to just about any font! It works best on dark backgrounds with bright font colors.


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