When I first began my food blog, and I started at zero, I didn’t have anything automated in my business, not even weekly emails or blog posts, I manually posted and sent these weekly. The most “automated” anything was, was the “scheduling” of the time for the emails to go out.


But that one piece of automation is nothing compared to all the sales funnel options out there. Back then, I was writing my blog posts and my emails each week as I went along.


No email automation for new customers, no up sells, no organization or planning. Just plain fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants.

I finally got to the point where I had subscribers. I had no plan for what happened after people signed up except to deliver the free lead magnet they signed up for and deliver my weekly newsletter. And even that I struggled to keep up with.


I had traffic, but I had no sales and no real engagement or feedback.


My audience grew, but I still heard crickets! That is not how it was supposed to be. So I started doing some webinars, and that picked up a little, but man was that a lot of my time and energy. Being introverted and someone who struggled with hard sell, this was not working for me.


I knew I wanted to do like everyone else and make money while I slept. I mean that was the deal. That was what was supposed to happen when you had a list, right? No, a big fat NO. The big guys like Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Ramit Sethi all seemed to do it, so what the hell were they doing that was different than what I was doing!?


Not a lot of people back then were actively talking about or explaining a sales funnel. It was all about “building your list” and “getting traffic,” and I get it that is the BIGGEST problem for a newbie. But I had those things … Now what!


For those of us who have the traffic and emails subscribers, you must know what to do next. Something to take that traffic and turn them into people who engage with you, love you and buy from you.


Let’s face it, we love to give free things to our people, but we need to make money while doing it. And we need to make money to make this business legit, #amiright?!


So I stumbled across a blog post about email nurturing. It was ALL about this process AFTER you get people on your list. It blew me out of the water. *The Missing Piece*


Once I implemented this piece, it was amazing the number of people who engaged with me. I learned what my readers wanted and needed. I was able to increase my sales because I was connecting on a whole new level with these beautiful followers.


This was just step 1 of my Sales Funnel journey. But I saw immediately how this was going to turn off all those manual efforts I struggled with and create a much easier way to grow my following, make a connection with my followers on a deeper level and in turn, grow my income.


So you want to know: “how can this type of system create CONSISTENT income?” Let me break it down.


The Core of a Sales Funnel:

A Sales Funnel is a journey – a path to connection and sales.


Do it right, and by the end of the funnel people are whipping out their cards to buy from you and take the next step with you. You don’t have to Launch or Live Webinar to have money coming in. And I have nothing against launching or live webinars. I just don’t want the only time I make money to be if I am launching or doing Live Webinars. I want to make money daily. Take off some of the stress and make my business easy. So I focus on helping more people.



This is the heart of a sales funnel. This is where the magic happens and if you do it right you will create some amazing readers, followers and clients. I call it your golden email sequence. The 5 email sequence to take a cold (well kinda warm) audience and turn them into a even warmer audience ready to buy.


Here is a tool I created to help you create your Golden Emails:


This is the piece we are going to gain control over, and then together with your email nurturing system, your funnel will be a powerhouse.





When you create the Traffic and Email Nurture pieces, you now have some control over how many people come into your funnel. You will be able to see what your conversion rates are, how much traffic you need to create new subscribers and get new sales.


Rather than holding back and only selling during a Launch, you have eyes constantly on your offers. I use Member Vault and was talking with one of the owners, Mike, and he had a great suggestion that plays into sales funnel strategy perfectly.


In Member Vault, the Dashboard your customers see hosts all of your offers. So all subscribers to your free and low paid offers will have access to that dashboard of all of your offers. They can still see the offer/product and click on it to get more information and buy. Brilliant, right? Between this and a sales funnel guiding people into warmer waters, and you have one powerhouse of a team selling for you while you sleep.


If you make a killer freebie subscribers will vie to see what else you have that can help them.



This is where we are controlling the traffic that we own. Like Russell Brunson talks about in his book Dotcom Secrets. We use the traffic we can to bring in more people. Once this is set up and running, you can adjust the amount of traffic you get (how much you spend on ads), and you can slow it down or pick it up. This becomes so predictable after you nail down your ads that you can turn up the volume or slow it down.



An amazing part of having a sales funnel is being able to identify the exact area in the funnel where people drop off or get hung up. You can then identify what is not converting and how to fix the problem.


For example, if you have an email that is creating a lot of hype and responses and others are not engaging people as you would like, you can change that email. You can try different things.


If you have an opt-in that gets a lot of traction, and another does not, you know to change something or ask your audience what they didn’t like. The thing about using the email nurture is that you have an open line of communication with your customers. When I engaged with my audience pre-nurture emails, I couldn’t get a response out of them worth a damn. But once I did my initial sequence my followers would actually answer me. I got feedback and I could alter my offerings based on what my audience really wanted without all the guesswork.



Okay, we all know a warm and hot audience is what we really want. The goal is to take cold audiences and warm those babies up, you can accomplish this much quicker if you have an automated funnel running.


You move people from cold to warm in a matter of days rather months or week. And you can automate this piece, so you don’t have to always be on the phone with people closing.


The key here is to break the cold audience code. Figure out what converts the best to get new people in the door and then your funnel will warm them up on autopilot.



Sales Funnels do all the heavy lifting for you. I know they can sound cold and robotic, but, funnels are just a tool to get your most authentic self out there faster and reach more people. Every step of a funnel is personal; you are creating each piece to contain your stories, your knowledge and your personality. If you like to hop on the phone, great, you can still do that, but set up a system to enable you to hop on the phone with warmer leads that will end in more sales and better conversations. Leverage a sales funnel to help produce better results.


You don’t have to launch to make a buck. Sales Funnels ensure you are constantly creating new customers and taking them on a journey. This process will work whether you are logged in or sitting with your family at the pool.


Gone are the days that you have to be plugged in all the time, on the phone or doing a launch to grow your income. You can get a good portion of your income on autopilot using Sales Funnels, and that is the cornerstone of online businesses.


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