And how to help them overcome it. 

So, your business is ignoring content on social media?

Let’s chat about a little something I see it all the time – companies treating their social media like an annoying afterthought. They push it off to someone else, cross it off their to-do list, and call it a day. 

But here’s the kicker: they’re missing the whole point of social media. It’s all about the content, folks!

The Typical “Just-Handle-It” Social Media Attitude

This attitude is what makes our jobs as marketers tough. 

The usual scene is companies treating social media like a hot potato – something they just want to pass on quickly. 

Let’s change the narrative. 

Talk with your client about how you will do the heavy lifting while they focus on the “more important” things. 

Define the “heavy lifting” to include things you will take off their plate and explain to them the things you need from them and how it will benefit them. 

Explain to them Why This Mindset Just Doesn’t Cut It

This approach? 

It’s like trying to drive a car without fuel. Sure, you can sit in it and pretend you’re driving, but you’re not going anywhere. 

That’s exactly what happens to a company’s social media presence when the key players ignore content creation – it exists but doesn’t do anything for the business. 

And that is what they need to know most. They are the experts in their business and you’re going to help utilize that knowledge to attract their audience.

Let’s Flip the Script: Content-First, Always!

Here’s my proposal: let’s shake things up and put content in the driver’s seat. If companies start focusing on creating engaging, relevant content on their social media, they’ll see their online community thrive. 

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that competitive edge?

If your client is creating content the best, they’ll win out over their competitors. 

If their blog or video is seen by the target audience, but their competitor isn’t putting out any content, guess who gets the customer?

The one who educates them, the one who provides the value, the one who is visible.

Some Friendly Advice and Easy Steps to Follow to Get Your Clients Onboard 

Knowing is half the battle. Here’s how you can help your clients make it happen:


Know Your Client’s People.

Understand what their audience likes and needs. Figure out how their product or service fits in their world, and use this info to make content that clicks.

Create a list of content that clicks. And build the plan for them. 


Plan The Content.

This one is for you, save yourself from last-minute panic attacks by planning your content in advance. Trust me, it’ll be a lifesaver!

Get all the information you need from the subject matter experts on their team. Interview them or send them a questionnaire with the information you need. Plan to get this information ahead of time – like 90-days before it will go live.

You are the expert in social and content and how to turn that information into something their audience will engage with online.  Give yourself time and help make providing what you need easier for your client.

Consistency is Key.

Keep posting regularly. It’s like staying in your audience’s line of sight and their minds. Planning the content in the previous step will help you keep consistent. 

The further ahead you can be the more time your clients have to provide you information and they don’t feel so rushed or overwhelmed. 

Do as much of the footwork for them as you can and give them as much of a headstart as possible.

Track and Tweak.

Use your social media metrics to see how well your content is doing. And to show your clients what is working when the wins come!

If something’s working, awesome! If not, tweak your strategy.


Don’t Just Talk, Listen!

Remember, social media isn’t a megaphone, it’s a conversation. Have a plan to engage with their followers, reply to their comments, build those relationships!

In our business we have the client’s team handle the engagement with our help and guidance. We’re here to make them look good but they are the ones with the knowledge and sometimes the only ones who can answer the audience’s questions.

Start building an FAQ, connect with the best person to get answers, have a plan with your client when you first work together for quickly responding to requisitions on social media. 

Remember this is a BIG part of customer service – people love to ask questions in comments and DMs – have  a plan and ensure your client knows how important fast response times are on social media. 

This might mean one of their team is also on the social channels to respond to questions.

One client of mine manages their own social media inquiries and another I have a plan in place to reach out to them and they will respond as quickly as they can to me so I can reply to the comments/questions and DMs.

Don’t let social media be just another chore for your client. 

It’s the right balance of taking things off their plate and being the facilitator. 

You are the one who sets that structure. 

With the right content, social media can be a game-changer for your client.

But they can’t just hand off the hot potato. And you don’t want a client like that either.

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