Social Media Planner

Plan 1 Month in 1 Hour

Make Your Content a Priority.

plan . create. schedule.

Stop Struggling with What to Post Next

Like Marie Forleo says if it’s not scheduled it’s not real.

That’s exactly what this planner does – helps you to plan out your monthly content so you aren’t struggling at the last minute creating content that is confusing and disconnected.


Reduce Stress

Take one hour and bust out your content ideas.

Gather ideas that will get your audience engaging with your social content. Find ideas and themes that work together. And help it all tie together nicely in a coherent order, instead of that messy spaghetti that was just flung on the wall before.

Finally, Get Consistent with Social

Posting consistently on your social accounts is one of the most powerful ways to keep your audience engaged.

But if you continue to not plan out your ideas and not schedule your posts, you’ll remain stuck in that loop of scrambling to create content at the last minute and end up with scattered ideas that have no direction and your posts will be inconsistent, leaving your audience confused about whether they can trust you to show up for them.

Stop struggling to create social media posts day-by-day!


About Me

I am a content creator and digital marketing expert working with small businesses to grow their presence online and gain new customers. 

Over the years of managing hundreds of social media accounts, I have learned a trick or two to help create consistency in content without the pressure of last-minute posting. 

In this planner, I share the exact tool I use to keep it together, consistently post and share content without all the stress.



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