The Evolution of Social Media in B2B Business and Why Savvy Marketers are Essential

Hey there let’s chat about why social media is not an admin or intern task! 

I hear this a lot and I cringe each time I do, “I’m going to have my (insert family member name) do our social.” 

In today’s digital age, social media has undergone some major changes. And handing it off to a non-marketing professional is just like asking a person without marketing experince to handle your marketing strategy.

Social is a core marketing function that should align with your overall marketing strategy.

Things that used to work like a charm, such as posting a few photos on Facebook and Instagram each week with some behind-the-scenes info, just don’t cut it anymore. 

That’s why I want to focus on why hiring a savvy marketer who specializes in social media is crucial to your team or, if you’re a business owner, your business.  

In my opinion social has never been a job function to outsource to a college student or recent grad getting their feet wet – at least not without the strategic oversight of a seasoned marketer.

The challenges posed by the noisy social media environment, algorithms that change regularly without notice, and the need for engaging, educational content that resonates with followers are all reasons social media is important for your business as are knowledgable experienced online marketers.


1. Social Media Management: More than just an admin position:

Gone are the days when managing social was something anyone familiar with social media could handle. B2Bs need a pro who not only knows the platforms, but also keeps up with the industry trends and possesses marketing experience. 

According to this awesome infographic from  Social Media Today social media management has evolved into a crucial marketing function that demands strategic thinking, content creation, a deep understanding of target audiences, and marketing strategies that work. 

You want someone who can take all that knowledge and customize it for your business.


2. The Role of a Savvy Marketer:

To conquer the  challenges of social media, B2Bs need a social media expert who can whip up killer strategy. 

This person should be a master at repurposing existing content, offers, products, and services to create useful, helpful, and educational posts that engage the target audience. 

A savvy marketer understands the ins and outs  of each platform and can tailor content accordingly, making sure that it reflects your brand’s voice and resonates with your followers. They’re like magicians, creating a solid social strategy that conquers all the obstacles of today’s social media landscape.


3. Addressing the Challenges:

a. The Noisy Social Media Environment:

Let’s talk about the biggest problem, the noisey social environment. Social media are like bustlying bazaars, packed with content from businesses, your family and friends. 

So how do you stand out in this crowd?. 

It takes more than the occasional offer or a snapshot of your daily routine. 

You need full-fledged story with visuals, videos and eye-catching graphics. 

A savvy social media pro knows how to cut through the noise and captureand capture your audiences’ attention.. 

They’ll tell engaging stories, create interactive content, and use captivating visuals that leave a lasting impact and boost your brand visibility.

b. Algorithms Undermining Organic Reach:

Next up the mysterious gatekeeps who determine how far your social content will reach – Algorithms. They prioritize content based on relevance, engagement, and user behavior. 

But a savvy social media marketer stays updated on what’s working in the industry nand they know how to test and adapt their strategies to maximize organic reach. 

They’ll also know how to utilize paid tactics to optimize your content and get results. 

They’ll analyze what’s working for you, and create more of that, while working with your marketing team to get the best results possible for your content..

c. Astute Followers and Empty Promo-y Content:

Today’s social media users are savvy. They can spot empty promotions and irrelevant content from a mile away. 

That’s why a savvy social media pro understands the importance of creating valuable content that genuinely educates and helps your audience. Your audience won’t get bombarded by constant promotions, instead, your content will provide authentic value that buils trust, fosters engagement and establishes  your business as a thought leader in its industry.

The next time your potential client says they are going to hire their nephew who is in the local university marketing program, share this article with them. 

If you’re a business owner yourself, don’t try to skimp on social media. It’s often the worlds first impression of your business these days. 

It’s all about making a meaningful connection on social media with your audience. 

Hire a smart social media manager who can help you establish a strong online presence and drive meaningful results. Do yourself and your team a favor, don’t even think about outsourcing your social media to an intern or admin employee.

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