To post or pause? What’s your strategy?

The holiday season, with its festive cheer and busy schedules, brings a unique set of challenges and opportunities for digital marketers.

As we enter this period, one critical question arises: Should you maintain, increase or decrease your content cadence?

For B2B businesses balancing the need to stay relevant with respecting the season’s demands on both the audience and the team is paramount.


Understanding Your Audience’s Holiday Behavior

The first step is to understand how your audience interacts with digital media during the holidays. B2B audiences might have different engagement patterns compared to B2C.

Contrary to popular belief people are not on social media less during the holidays.

Decision-makers might be less active due to holidays, but they could also be using this time for planning and strategizing for the upcoming year.

How do you know?: Analyze past holiday season data for your business to look for valuable insights into any behavioral shifts. Look at the amount of interaction your had and what content types were most popular.

My caution here don’t just post generic holiday posts and graphics. Continue to share content of value to maintain your credibility.


Pros and Cons of Continuing Content Production

Maintaining or even increasing your content output can keep your brand top-of-mind.

The holiday season can be an opportunity to stand out with less competition actively posting.

Engaging, holiday-themed content can resonate more, maintaining the momentum you’ve built throughout the year.

However, there are risks.

The saturation of messages during this period means your content might get lost in the noise. Moreover, if your audience is indeed less active, your well-crafted content might not get the attention it deserves.


The Strategic Pause: A Calculated Risk

Taking a break from your usual content cadence is a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, it can be beneficial for internal reasons like team well-being and resource reallocation.

On the other, it risks losing the hard-earned attention and engagement of your audience.

The key lies in how you manage this break – communicating transparently with your audience about the hiatus and planning a strong comeback strategy are essential.

Adjust the Cadence Instead

Consistency is key – so when you suddenly stop content, it’s going to be hard to pick back up where you left off.

In lieu of a complete pause, consider lightening the cadence and repurposing past content.

Reposting evergreen content is a great way to maintain your cadence without a ton of work. It can keep your digital presence alive without the need for constant attention.

Engaging lightly with your audience can also maintain a baseline level of interaction.

It’s a good way to maintain your credibility with your audience and the algorithms while balancing the regular content load.


Making the Right Choice for Your Business

Ultimately, the decision to adjust your content cadence during the holiday season should align with your business goals, audience needs and team capacity.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

For B2B businesses, it’s about striking the right balance.


Embracing the Season with Strategy

The holiday season is as much a time for reflection as it is for celebration.

By thoughtfully adjusting your content strategy, you can make the most of this period.

Whether you choose to maintain your cadence, take a strategic pause, or find a middle ground, the key is to remain authentic and true to your brand’s voice and provide your audience with what they need in the now.

It’s not just about festivity on social this time of year, but about value.

Instead of defaulting to generic holiday graphics, focus on content that resonates with your audience’s holiday spirit and professional needs.

Share insights or tips that are useful for this time of the year.

This approach not only maintains engagement but also strengthens your brand’s presence during a noisy season.



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