I am not a sales person at heart, I struggled deeply with selling, and have some serious mindset issues around SALES. If I label a task as “sales” I clam up.  This includes building sales pages.

That is why creating online sales processes is so attractive to me. Building a sales or marketing funnel, is creating a process to sell and build genuine relationships with people. This is my favorite way of doing selling and marketing.

It allows me to be the most genuine about selling without feeling like I am selling. I get to provide value and then offer help.

I create content, value and help people, before I even get around to asking them to buy products or services from me.

Sales mindset is a completely different topic of its own, and some serious mindset work needs to take place (which I am doing), BUT if you feel this same way about selling, then Sales Funnels are probably going to be your thing. And you can even use this to sell before you even have to fix any sales mindset baggage…we all have baggage!


Honestly there is not a business that I can think of, that couldn’t benefit from using sales funnels. In fact, I’d be so bold to say that every business should have a sales funnel in place.

Everything you have read about online business up to this point teaches you about funnels – whether they said so or not. Heard of Lead Magnets? That is a piece of sales funnel. Landing pages? part of a sales funnel. Email marketing? Also piece of a sales funnel.

A Sales Funnel is a process that is comprised of ALL the pieces of your online marketing.


So what does the sales process online look like?

TOP OF FUNNEL (TOF): The top of the funnel is where your clients are beginning (the Traffic).

MIDDLE OF THE FUNNEL (MOF): The middle of the funnel is the path, or journey, all the steps to warm up.

END OF FUNNEL (EOF): The end of the funnel is it where you want your clients to go (Core Offer/Nurture Sequence).

  • Traffic lands on a landing page, website, webpage, blog post, video or other content. (TOF)
  • Call to Action – sends them to an opt-in page where customers enter their information to get some sort of opt-in/lead magnet. (TOF)
  • Thank you page, or maybe sales pages for an upsell.(MOF)
  • Check-out page (if selling) (MOF)
  • Integrating email systems and sequences. (MOF)
  • Email Delivery of promised items and welcome email. (MOF)
  • E-mail sequence to nurture, engage, educate and court clients. (EOF)
  • Upsell to Core Offer (EOF).

Online sales funnels are used to grow businesses, to fast track the sales processes, and to automate online sales.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when building a funnel:

  • Traffic – people coming to your website, webpage, article, video or a landing page.
  • Providing value whether it’s through the videos, blog posts, lead magnets/opt-in, or other content.
  • Asking questions of your audience and listening to those answers. Listening to comments likes and input.
  • Acquiring new customers/clients; and,
  • Nurturing and creating relationships.



Sales funnels begin with solving a problem or a need for a client or customer.

Customers begin to gain trust in you, when they see that you have answers to questions they have. When they listen to your stories they’ll feel like they are getting to know you and connect with you on a deeper level.

They’ll want to follow along on your journey even more, if they like you. So the further into the funnel a person goes, the more likely they’ll stick with you and become an avid follower and dedicated paying customer.

This process uses stories and free information to help your clients identify with you and decide whether you are a good fit. You’ll start attracting like-minded people and they will connect with you on a deeper level.

At first you will start your business off with mainly cold traffic.

As you build an email list and share content, you’ll begin to have warm traffic, people who know you and know these people are also aware they have a problem – the one your offer is eventually going to help them solve. The are becoming aware of the solutions to their problems.

Warm traffic has a shorter sales cycle/funnel than your cold traffic.

Once you have cold AND warm traffic, you will begin to create more advanced sales funnel strategies (like stacking funnels). But for the sake of this article we’ll stick to one simple funnel.


We want to ensure that all your offers and content along the way are related to, or complimentary to, your Core Offer. So that once customers hit the end of the funnel they have been educated on their problem, they have gotten to know you through stories and engagement, and they know that you have the answers they need. And by the end, they know that your core offer will solve the problem that they have identified with at the beginning, or top of, your funnel.

If you get people to sign up at the beginning for something that is unrelated to your core offer then you’re going to have a harder time to sell that core offer at the end.

So begin with the end in mind when building your funnel.

The ALL TIME EASIEST and BEST Sales Funnel that EVERY Entrepreneur should be using is the List Building Funnel. This is the Funnel that takes new subscribers through a Journey to turn them into a HOT audience that will be ready to buy your Core Offer at the end. Use this process to build your funnel in just 5 emails

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