B2B Marketing in 2024

What’s New LinkedIn:

New to premium company pages:

    • CTA buttons
    • Auto-invite individuals who engage with your page
    • See who visited your company page
    • Showcase recent company awards, certs, client testimonials and press mentions
    • Use AI-powered writing assistant for articles
    • Get $500 in ad credits on LinkedIn, 3 months of free access to DropBox, MS 365, GoDaddy and Hootsuite (I hope you don’t use GoDaddy and Hootsuite, though there are much better options).

What I love about this

LinkedIn is one of my favorite platforms at the moment and I love that they are doing better for company pages.

Opening up more calls to actions and a featured section for companies were my most recent favorite changes and just a smart move for LI.

But I might be more excited that we can now see who visited our page AND invite those who engaged to follow our page!

What’s New AI:

Elon Drops his lawsuit against OpenAI No reason given. Just before a key hearing this week on OpenAI’s motion to dismiss. I doubt this feud is over, since Elon this week criticized the Apple and OpenAI deal, threatening to ban the devices from his company.

Apple Announces a partnership with Open AI for the new iOS I shared about the updates and what I’m excited about. Siri and ChatGPT become friends in a more private setting.


  • We’re traveling to Hawaii in September and I’m already mentally extending my trip by daydreaming about as much as possible. This Article on Travel and Budgeting had great tips on spreading the joy, and deciding what you want to splurge on and what you want to “go cheap” on.✌🏻


  • Reading: The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding. Gonna be honest I’m struggling with this read as a branding marketer. We need a new version with current examples because some of the examples in the book are old and while the strategy and info behind it are solid, it’s very dated and gets in the way of truly absorbing this read. The Dotcom bubble burst long ago – let’s apply this all to what’s going on now.
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