Why Do Holidays Make Great Social Posts?

You can take advantage of the upcoming holidays or “Days of” by sharing new inventory, specials, gift ideas, or tips related to the “unofficial” holidays. 

What I love about unofficial and official holidays is that they seem to get the most interest and engagement on social media.

Use them as an opportunity to create content and offer value. Blog posts, company news or article can, on their own, be content to scroll right on by, but a fun celebration post (tied into your business offerings) can be a great way to grab attention and engagement.

Not all of these will apply to you. Pick the ones that do and use them to create posts around topics of conversation. 

For example, this month’s Independence day weekend will be filled with patriotic flags, barbecue and red, white and blue, rather than a generic Happy 4th of July post, how can you promote your business and tie it into the holiday? Share your favorite recipes – even if your business isn’t food related, do a poll on social asking about favorite traditions or share a fun video showing what you are doig for the holiday. Not ever post has to be a sale or promotion or an ask, but not every holiday post has to be boring either. 

If you are looking for more unique days in your industry, a simple Google search of “days of for [your industry]” usually brings up specific days to note. Also visit, NationalDayCalendar.com and NationalToday.com to find more ideas.

These dates of celebration are chosen for local businesses across the US for large and small businesses ranging from:

  • retail shops
  • restaurants
  • café or bakery
  • specialty food service and stores
  • hair salon
  • fitness facilities and gyms
  • farmers
  • local service-based businesses like financial advisers, mortgage brokers, lenders, real estate agents, etc.
  • any local brick and mortar business serving a local community

How to use this resource.

1. Create a content calendar and plan out your month’s strategy using the holiday topics below. – get ours here

2. Start writing captions, finding or creating images or graphics (Canva)

3. Then schedule them a week ahead, using Facebook’s Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram feeds. Or your favorite scheduler.

Make your social successful, don’t schedule on the fly.

Here are some ideas for marketing opportunities in July

If you are visual and like to print things out and post them where you can see them, as I do, then I made this download the printable calendar just for you.




Independent Retailer Month
National Contract Sewing Month
National Grilling Month
National Picnic Month
National Hot Dog Month
Social Wellness Month
National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month
National Culinary Arts Month


Everybody Deserves a Massage Week – Third Week in July


-7/1 International Chicken Wing Day
-7/1 International Joke Day
-7/4 Independence Day
-7/7 World Chocolate Day
-7/7 National Caesar Salad Day
-7/9 Fashion Day
-7/11 National Mojito Day
-7/13 National French Fry Day
-7/15 National I Love Horses Day
-7/17 World Emoji Day
-7/21-22 Amazon Prime Day (predicted – actual dates not released ahead of time)
-7/24 National Parents’ Day
-7/25 National Thread the Needle Day
-7/30 National Avocado Day



This is where you want to share anything happening in your local area. 

Think of events, big or small, that can help get your business’s brand out into the community. How can you contribute to your community? What is going on in your community that you can support (did your local high school football team win big? Celebrate! Check your local news sources to find these feel-good stories and use them!


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