Take advantage of the upcoming holidays or “Days of” by sharing new inventory, specials, gift ideas, or tips related to the holidays.

January is a celebratory month, people are cleaning up their eating habits, their closets, rethinking their lives and goals and reassessing the things that matter to them. For my fitness friends out there you certainly hit your peak interest time of the year, take advantage of it and help your people find their way. 

Use the new year as an opportunity to create new habits that grow your business – Get Consistent with your content this month.

Why Do Holidays Make Great Social Posts?

What I love about holidays is that they seem to get the most interest and engagement on social media – if done right!

They are an opportunity to create content and offers of value. Blog posts, company news or an article can, on their own, be content to scroll right on by, but a fun celebration post (tied into your business offerings) can be a great way to grab attention and engagement

Use these holidays as conversation starters, offer themes, blog/video/reel/TikTok themes, not just an easy post to say “Happy Coffee Day” because that’s lame and not the way to get people to engage with you.  Not all of these will apply to you. Pick the ones that do and use them to create great conversations. I have provided some ideas in the days below

If you are looking for more unique days to your industry, a simple Google search of “days of for [your industry]” usually brings up specific days to note. Also visit, NationalDayCalendar.com and NationalToday.com to find more ideas.

These dates of celebration are chosen for local businesses across the US for large and small businesses ranging from:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafe or bakery
  • Specialty foodservice and stores
  • Hair salon
  • local shops
  • fitness facilities and gyms
  • Farmers
  • Local service-based businesses like financial advisers, mortgage brokers, lenders, real estate agents, etc.
  • Any local brick and mortar business serving a local community

How to use this resource.

1. Create a content calendar and plan out your month’s strategy using the holiday topics below.

2. Start writing captions, finding or creating images or graphics (Canva)

3. Start scheduling them out these social posts a week ahead, using Facebook’s Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Make your social successful, don’t schedule on the fly.

Here are some ideas for marketing opportunities in December

If you are visual and like to print things out and post them where you can see them, as I do, then I made this download the printable calendar just for you.



National Train Your Dog Month
Cervical Health Awareness Month
Financial Wellness Month
National Mail Order Gardening Month
National Bath Safety Month
National Hot Tea Month
National Mentoring Month
National Oatmeal Month
National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month
National Sunday Supper Month


– Diet Resolution Week – First Week
– Celebration of Life Week – First Week
– National Pizza Week – 7 Days starting 2nd Sunday
– National Healthy Weight Week – Begins Third Sunday in January
– National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week – 7 Days Beginning the Third Sunday in January
– Tax Identity Theft Week – Fourth Work Week in January
– Meat Week – Eight Days beginning last Sunday in January
– National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week – January 24-29, 2022


– 1/1 New Year’s Day
– 1/1 Global Family Day
– 1/2 National Personal Trainer Awareness Day
– 1/2 Brew Monday
– 1/3 International Mind-Body Wellness Day
– 1/3 Women Rock! Day (Music Stores )
– 1/4 National Spaghetti Day
– 1/4 Weigh-In Day (Fitness)
– 1/4 Free Flower Basket Day
– 1/5 National Bird Day
– 1/8 War on Poverty Day
– 1/9 National Sunday Supper Day
– 1/9 National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
– 1/10 National Houseplant Appreciation Day
– 1/10 National Milk Day
– 1/13 National Gluten-Free Day
– 1/13 Healthy Weight, Healthy Look Day
– 1/14 National Dress Up Your Pet Day
– 1/16 International Hot and Spicy Food Day
– 1/20 Get To know Your Customer Day
– 1/20 National Cheese Lover’s Day
– 1/ 23 National Pie Day
– 1/24 Community Manager Appreciation Day
– 1/26 National Green Juice Day
– 1/27 International Holocaust Remembrance Day
– 1/27 National Chocolate Cake Day
– 1/28 National Fun at Work Day
– 1/28 National Daisy Day


This is where you want to share anything happening in your local area.  

Festivals, parades, events that your whole town get excited about. Support a local school sport or event. Look for ways to support or contribute to youth group activities.

Think of ways to get involved as a local businesses to be a sponsor and have your brand posted all over the place – on memorabilia, event programs, local news and media promotions online and print, and social media.

Think of events, big or small, that can help get your businesses brand out into the community. How can you contribute to your community? What is going on in your community that you can support (did your local high school football team win big? Celebrate! Check your local news sources to find these feel-good stories and use them!

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