Take advantage of the upcoming holidays or “Days of” by sharing new inventory, specials, gift ideas, or tips related to the holidays.

February is a short month with lots to do!

Valentines is a big retail holiday. This is a good one for both retail and service providers! 

You’re marketing to spouses and significant others this month to help them treat their loved ones to something that makes them feel special and loved, show customers this month HOW your offer is the gift they want to give that does just that! 

Why Use Holidays?

Because they are:

– A source for topics and themes to build content – no wracking your brain for ideas on what to post…

– Great conversation starters – choose topics related to YOUR industry

Use holidays as conversation starters, offer themes, blog/video/reel/TikTok themes, not just an easy post to say “Happy Coffee Day” because that’s lame and not the way to get people to engage with you.  Not all of these will apply to you.

Need more ideas?

Google “days of [your industry]” 

Visit, NationalDayCalendar.com and NationalToday.com to find more ideas.


How to put this into practice?

1. Create a content calendar and plan out your month’s strategy using the holiday topics below.

2. Start writing captions, finding or creating images or graphics (Canva)

3. Start scheduling them out these social posts a week ahead, using Facebook’s Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Make your social successful, don’t schedule on the fly.

Here are some ideas for marketing opportunities in February

If you are visual and like to print things out and post them where you can see them, as I do, then I made this download the printable calendar just for you.



National Cancer Prevention Month
National Fasting February
National Self Check Month
American Heart Month
Black History Month
Canned Food Month
Creative Romance Month


– African Heritage and Health Week – February 1-7
– National Patient Recognition Week – February 1-7
– Intimate Apparel Market Week – January 30 – February 5 (Quarterly)
– Pride in Food Service Week – First Full Work Week of February
– Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week – Always February 7-14
– National Marriage Week – Always February 7-14
– Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week – Always February 7-14
– Freelance Writers Appreciation Week – Second Week of February
-Great American Pizza Bake – Second Week of February
– Random Acts of Kindness Week – Week of February 17
– National Engineers Week
– Peace Corps Week – Week of March 1



– 2/1 National Freedom Day
– 2/2 National Girls and Women in Sports Day
– 2/3 National Missing Persons Day
– 2/3 Optimist Day
– 2/5 National Play Outside Day
– 2/6 Pay a Compliment Day
– 2/9 National Toothache Day

– 2/10 National Giving Hearts Day (the celebration offers one of the best opportunities to donate to your favorite charity.)
– 2/11 National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day (promotes a positive attitude even when things might not be going your way)
– 2/13 Galentine’s Day (brings women together to celebrate each other every year the day before Valentine’s day.)
– 2/14 Valentines Day
– 2/17 National Random Acts of Kindness Day
– 2/20 National Cherry Pie Day
– 2/20National Love Your Pet Day
– 2/21 President’s Day

– 2/22 National Supermarket Employee Day
– 2/22 National Cook a Sweet Potato Day
– 2/26 National Set a Good Example Day
– 2/28 National Floral Design Day


This is where you want to share anything happening in your local area. 

Think of events, big or small, that can help get your businesses brand out into the community. How can you contribute to your community? What is going on in your community that you can support (did your local high school football team win big? Celebrate! Check your local news sources to find these feel-good stories and use them!

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