Why Do Holidays Make Great Social Posts?

Because holiday posts are a topic of conversation, fun, exciting and relevant to what is on people’s minds. Holidays break up the day and give your audience something unexpected. 

 Use unofficial holidays as an opportunity to create a conversation, offer up content and offer value. Blog posts, company news or article can, on their own, be content to scroll right on by. Still, a fun celebration post (tied into your business offerings) can be a great way to grab attention and engagement.

Not all of these will apply to you. Pick the ones that do and use them to create posts around topics of conversation. 

In August, summer is wrapping up, kids and teachers start to return to school, and vacations slow down. The holidays are peeking around the corner, and people are soaking up the last bits of summer. Talk about preparing for the kids to return to school and look ahead to the fall season. 

  • Landscapers start talking about what homeowners should be doing to prepare for seasonal changes.
  • Hairstylists speak about new trends for the season.
  • Retail boutiques can also talk about the seasonal trends
  • Food-based businesses can discuss seasonal items going away – grab them soon – or what’s coming.

Remember, not every post has to be a sale, promotion, or ask, but not every holiday post has to be boring. 

If you are looking for more memorable days in your industry, a simple Google search of “days of for [your industry]” usually brings up specific days. Also, visit, NationalDayCalendar.com and NationalToday.com to find more ideas.

These dates of celebration are chosen for local businesses across the US for large and small companies ranging from:

  • retail shops
  • restaurants
  • café or bakery
  • specialty foodservice and stores
  • hair salon
  • fitness facilities and gyms
  • farmers
  • local service-based businesses like financial advisers, mortgage brokers, lenders, real estate agents, etc.
  • any local brick and mortar business serving a local community

How to use this resource.

1. Create a content calendar and plan out your month’s strategy using the holiday topics below. – get ours here

2. Start writing captions, finding or creating images or graphics (Canva)

3. Then schedule them a week ahead, using Facebook’s Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram feeds. Or your favorite scheduler.

Make your social successful, don’t schedule on the fly.

Here are some ideas for marketing opportunities in August

If you are visual and like to print things out and post them where you can see them, as I do, then I made this download the printable calendar just for you.


National Dog Month
International Peace Month
National Sandwich Month
Family Fun Month
Happiness Happens Month
American Artist Appreciation Month
National Peach Month


National Cleanse Your Skin Week – Aug 1-7
Simplify Your Life Week – First Week
National Farmers Market Week – First Full Week
International Assistance Dog Week – Starts First Sunday
National Management Training Week – Third Full Week in August
National Peach Month


-8/2 National Night Out
-8/3 National Watermelon Day
-8/4 Single Working Women’s Day
-8/5 International Beer Day
-8/7 American Family Day
-8/7 National Friendship Day
-8/7 Professional Speakers Day
-8/9 National Women’s Day
-8/9 National Book Lovers Day
-8/10 National S’mores Day
-8/11 Co-Working Day
-8/12 International Youth Day
-8/13 National Left Handers Day
-8/15 National Back To School Prep Day
-8/16 National Tell a Joke Day
-8/17 National Thrift Shop Day
-8/17 National Nonprofit Day
-8/20 World Honey Bee Day (third Saturday)
-8/25 – Whiskey Sour Day
-8/26 National Women’s Equality Day
-8/28 National Red Wine Day
-8/28 National Thoughtful Day
-8/30 National Grief Day
-8/31 National Eat Outside Day



This is where you want to share anything happening in your local area. 

Think of events, big or small, that can help get your business’s brand out into the community. How can you contribute to your community? What is going on in your community that you can support (did your local high school football team win big? Celebrate! Check your local news sources to find these feel-good stories and use them!


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