Look in your own back yard

Looking for fresh content that hits home with your audience?

We’ll, today’s read has a game-changing suggestion:

Why not ask your frontline teams?

These are the boots on the ground folks talking with your audience and customers daily, listening to their burning questions, objections and pain points.

Why wouldn’t you tap into this gold?

By absorbing their knowledge you can target content that tackles objections and speeds up the customer journey.

Allowing you to provide your audience with the information and answers they need before they even get to the sales team.

And scoring points with your sales teams by making their job easier!

Now let’s dive into how leveraging your frontline teams’ insights can supercharge your content strategy, resulting in faster conversions and easier sales.


Unveiling the Questions That Matter

You know the struggle of finding content ideas that truly resonate, right? 

Many businesses rely on market research and customer surveys to get inside their customers’ heads. 

While those methods have their merits, they often miss the real-time challenges faced by customers. But guess what? Your frontline teams have firsthand knowledge of what customers are dealing with.

Frontline teams, like your awesome customer service reps, sales associates, and support staff, are like content gold mines. 

They’re right there, talking to customers day in and day out, and they’ve got a pulse on their pain points, objections, and those questions that pop up again and again. 

That’s invaluable information you can use to create killer content.

Getting Them to Open Up

Open up communication channels: Encourage your frontline teams to share customer queries and feedback. Make it easy for them to document common questions and concerns. You could create a form in Google or Asana to allow your teams to submit ideas and thoughts.

Get brainstorming: Set up regular sessions where you can pick the brains of your frontline teams. Their experiences and insights will spark a wealth of content ideas.

Give ’em a pat on the back: Don’t forget to recognize and reward those team members who contribute killer content ideas. It’s a win-win situation!


Empowering Customers with Preemptive Content

Just imagine being able to address your customers’ objections and concerns even before they reach out to your team. 

You can do just that now that you have (hopefully) connected with and set up a system to gather information from your frontline teams. 

Now you can proactively tackle those issues head-on through targeted content. It’s like clearing the path for your customers, making their journey smoother and faster.

When you create content that preemptively addresses common questions and objections, you’re not just providing answers. You’re building trust, positioning yourself as a thought leader, and delivering an exceptional customer experience. 

Whether it’s blog posts, videos, FAQs, tutorials, or social media posts, this proactive content ensures your customers have the info they need right at their fingertips.

Identify what’s bugging them: Gather the information you got when you worked with your frontline teams to create a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and objections.

Map it out: Match each question or objection with the most fitting content format and channel. Think about where your audience hangs out and how to reach them effectively.

Use your favorite whiteboard tool (digital or paper) then lay it out in your content calendar, we use a content planning Asana board. 

Create captivating content: Don’t just give plain answers—make your content engaging, informative, and give actionable tips. Add insights, tips, and real-life examples to keep things interesting.

Keep an eye on the prize: Continuously monitor the impact of your preemptive content strategy. Listen to customer feedback, watch engagement metrics on social media, see how your website traffic ticks up and how your email list grows. Tweak your approach as needed. I like to look at these metrics month over month to identify content patterns and what works.

Your frontline teams are more than just the face of your company—they’re content creators in their own right. 

By tapping into their expertise, you’ll discover a treasure trove of content ideas and insights. Addressing common questions and objections proactively not only speeds up the sales process but also enhances the overall customer experience. 

So, gear up and leverage your frontline teams to propel your content strategy to new heights. 

Get ready for faster conversions, happier customers, and sales that practically close themselves!

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