Legal | Membership


  • Payment – You will be charged upon enrollment and then each month thereafter your account will renew, using the date of your enrollment.
  • Cancellation – Members may cancel at anytime prior to their next renewal date. Monthly members, cancel before your renewal for the following month, yearly members cancel any time before your annual renewal date. Email us at to cancel.
  • Termination: Nonpayment of your monthly or yearly membership dues will result in termination of your account, and access to the membership platform and Facebook Group will be revoked, unless or until payment is made current. Other reasons for termination by Smart Marketing Squad: if you act in a way that does not align with our community values, if you act in a way that could cause harm to us or our members.
  • We reserve the right to unilaterally change, update, and add to the membership terms and conditions from time to time. Such change will be published on our website. It is member’s responsibility to keep themselves updated in relation to the terms and conditions.
  • See our Privacy Policy.

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