Is there a reason to use both digital and paper planning tools – heck yes!

Eek – Paper or Digital for planning projects and day-to-day work? … isn’t that duplicating work?

Nope, in fact, it helps me focus better, it’s helped me to create an effective shutdown and start-up habit each day, and it helps me stay on track.

My not-so-secret tool for content planning is, of course … ASANAAll of my business information from my content to the back end of my business lives in Asana for my team to reference quickly and work together. 


Why do I use both Paper and Digital Planners?


  1. Minimize distractions – throughout the day- as new tasks, notes and comments are added Asana and Slack get noisy, my list helps me focus on my LIST

  2. Handwriting is clarifying for me and it slows me down when I need to calm the noise

  3. It’s a strong habit that keeps me organized. I plan at the end of each day so I’m ready the following day with a prioritized list


How Do You Get Started!

1. Get a planner you enjoy writing in

Get one that is pretty, simple, with lots of room for notes, a place for tasks and times for appointments – whatever is important to you.

Mine is it has to be clean and simple, with a little prettiness to it. I need a place for notes, a list of what needs to be done and a timeline for appointments/meetings.

My favorite is the FULL FOCUS Planner because it has all these things.

2. Use Asana, Trello or another project management system you like and know

My favorite is Asana, I’ve used Clickup, Trello and dabbled in Monday but Asana is what I started with and know best. 

These systems are all very similar it’s really just about what you know and makes the most sense to you. 


My Workflow

  • At the end of the day, I carry over anything that didn’t get done to the next day list

  • I mark things that were not completed but in progress 

  • I check what’s in Asana for tomorrow and add it to my list

  • I prioritize tasks and pick the top 3 priorities for my day

  • If I made notes that day in my planner I’ll transfer them to a task in Asana or where they need to be saved (this depends on your processes and systems)

  • I add tasks or reminders to Asana that I wrote in my paper planner

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