Creating all those goals at the beginning of the year is great. But now, where do you put them? I am using ASANA!

Ways that I use ASANA

1. Company guidebook

2. Brand and messaging  

3. Content planning with my team 

4. Tracking annual goals


A guidebook is really just everything that we use regularly. A place to access what we use often at our fingertips. It’s our branding messaging or materials, our tech stack, our goals, processes and procedures. If we need it often, it goes here.

  • Easy access to brand materials
  • Financial and Legal Information
  • Affiliate links 
  • Quick reference links
  • Track future projects
  • Track our goals and dreams

The quick links that we need every day. Whether it’s a small and mighty team or yourself.


These are really great quick reference brand guides and resources

  • Link to brand style guide
  • Color #hex codes
  • Logo files
  • Letterhead
  • Company presentations
  • one-sheets
  • business card design files
  • brand messaging


  • Content plan – the actual process
  • Future content ideas/themes
  • Document your marketing, social media, email strategies
  • Use Asana to actual move through your content creation, editing and scheduling


  • Annual goal documenting
  • Track weekly schedules or routines
  • Track goals and set milestones


Asana has a feature with LIST and BOARD views so if you like the Kanban board style view you can use that while another member of your team might like lists… Asana has calendar and timeline views as well.

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Share with me how you document and track your goals!


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