Google My Business for Local SEO

Google my Business (GMB) is nowadays yellow pages for your business. 


It’s also the best SEO (search engine optimization) for local businesses, especially if you cannot afford an SEO consultant to help them rank higher. But with GMB, you hardly need website SEO.


When your potential customers have a question or are looking for products or services, they generally start by “Googling” their problem or request. 


76% of global searches are done on Google. It’s also the top-visited site. 


What local customers will see in their Google results is what we call a Map Pack.


This is part of the Google search results that are above the “fold” (the part of the website you have to start scrolling to see more).


The map pack contains the most relevant businesses based on your location and your search query. 


Watch the video for a walk-thru on how to set up your Google My Business Listing and what to you need to know to reach your customers.


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