Facebook Pixels sounds confusing but it is not. Lemme explain…

Facebook Pixels are what allows FB to track actions taken on your website pages or any web pages that are not on Facebook. The Pixel measures how many visits you get to your particular web page and the demographics of that audience visiting that page.

The Pixel is a pretty neat tool that FB has given us to use. It measures how many link clicks, website conversions and purchases are made on your non-Facebook web page. We FB Ads strategists use this information in multiple ways

  • To retarget people over on Facebook, who have visited your website.
  • To report back to our clients on their rate of conversions and number of purchases made that are directly attributed their Facebook ads.
  • To analyze our ads and make sure they are producing the results we want.

It is a code you have to apply to your website pages and landing pages, but it is super simple to use. Facebook has instructions on how to install it on your website.

If you have a WordPress website, I have a video below for you to watch. If you have a Divi theme you are in even more luck, because that is what I use AND they have a great tool so you only have to add the code to the Options and it will track all your pages. The only additional thing Divi users need to do is use the Pixel on their landing pages – whether you use Leadpages, your Email software system,  or another software, and those providers have instructions for ya. And it is really simple to use.



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