Terms in any industry are confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, the easier it becomes. Today I’ll share with the most important terms to know and understand.

A Campaign is the main container it holds ad sets and ads for each type of campaign (or think of it this way goal or objective). I create a Campaign for Like Ads, Website Conversions, Different programs I run, different objectives. Each Campaign will contain different Ad Sets.

Ad Set
An Ad Set shares the same budget, schedule, delivery optimization and audience targeting. Do not create multiple ad sets with the same audience otherwise you will be competing against yourself.

The Ad itself. The actual Image, Text, and Call to Action. If you want to test different images and text to the same audience, then create multiple ads under the same ad set.

Video Views
There are three options here: 3-second, 10-second and 30-second views. This is the number of times the video was viewed for at least an aggregate of that many seconds.

This feature is good to use to retarget people who have watched your videos. This is a warmer audience, and likely to convert better than a cold audience.

Number of times your ad achieved an outcome based on the objective you selected.

The goal you want to achieve: page likes, website conversions, leads, etc.

Number of people who saw your ad at least once.

How many times your ad was seen. 

Number of times each person saw your ad. 

Unique Clicks
Counts number of people who clicked, not all clicks.

CPM – Cost Per 1,000 Impressions
Average cost for 1,000 impressions. Used to gauge the cost effectiveness of an ad

Cost per link click

Cost per page like

Cost Per Action 

Website Conversions
Number of events or conversions recorded by the pixel on your website and attributed to your ads.

(Other tracking events such as cart check out, add to cart, registrations, leads, are all recorded by the particular pixel you place on your webpage).

Now if you run into any terms you are not sure of and think should be added to this list, shout out! Email me or Message me on FB. I read all emails and reply to them myself as well.

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