Facebook ad copy can be challenging and also random. Simplicity and clarity is important. I have found that ads that do not look like ads convert better.

  • Use a real photo rather than stock, tends to convert better.
  • Natural language
  • simple call to action

You want people to feel like they are looking at someone’s post in a newsfeed rather than at an ad, which is interruptive. These days people don’t want to feel like they are seeing ads or being sold to. They want to just go on Facebook to checkout the latest news in their area, what is happening with their friends and to check out their favorite shops, local events and things that they care about. But they want it in a very informal way!

If you are targeting a very specific niche, talk to that audience use their language. Key terms they use often – do your customers use the term “clients” or “customer”? Do they talk about landing pages and traffic, or do they talk about leads and website pages? You have to meet your audience:

1) where they are at and
2) in their own language.

Don’t be witty, funny or cutesy. We have all tried those tactics and they DO NOT WORK. They are not usually the ads that convert the best. PLAIN and simple language that is clear converts the best for FB Ads. Cut to the chase and talk like you would face-to-face.

Make sure that whatever image you use with your FB ad, that it goes with your message. If the two do not match up, you will lose your audience.

BE REPETITIVE! Whatever page your readers land on after clicking an Ad, make sure the messaging is the same as your ad. You want people to know the ad they just clicked on is for exactly what they thought they were clicking on. Use the same wording and images. Match it all up. BE REPETITIVE!

Only use ONE call to action. Ask people to do too much in a FB Ad and you’re gonna lose them. Keep the message short and lead with the value.

Test your ad copy. This means to list out 2-3 different ad copy ideas and create 1 ad for each copy and see which one converts the best. Then you turn off the others and focus all your ad spend on the best performing ad.

I like to test images too, while this discussion is for another blog post, I want to mention that I usually run 3 different photos, each with the 2-3 different copy ideas so you have 6-9 ads to start with. I know it sounds intimidating, but we will break it down in another post!

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