Facebook Lists are one of the most underutilized tools on Facebook personal pages. And they are available and useful to EVERYONE. And the more people start to engage with you on your personal page through your business the more you will find that you need a way to manage all those people.


I like to friend people to connect with them on a business level, but I don’t really know much about them and their personal life. And I certainly don’t want to share everything on my personal page with these strangers either. That is why Facebook Lists are a great tool.


Facebook lists can help you manage the content you share with your friends, without anyone knowing.


You can have a list to share personal family posts, or you can exclude lists from any posts. Create a list that you share business posts with, and information, but exclude the family/friends list from business posts.


This not only manages what is shared, but list allow you to manage what you see in your timeline. So the Facebook algorithm doesn’t dictate what you see, you can click on a list and see what everyone on that list is posting about.


Friend Lists are a great tool you can use:

  • To see more of certain friends’ posts,
  • For organizing your business connections on your personal page,
  • To organize your friends so you can see more of their updates that you want to see,
  • To limit your Facebook posts to only be seen by some lists, or exclude lists from seeing posts.


Pretty clever, right? It is a way to keep your personal things personal but still let other people in.


Why do I want to create Lists?

You’ll want a lists if you have a group of people whose posts you want to see more often. Facebook has created a few premade lists that you can add people in – Close Friends, Family, Work, Acquaintances.


Do you own a business and don’t want to overkill your family and friends with your business information they don’t give a damn about?


Do you friend people because of your business, career, and extracurricular activities but don’t really want to share all the things you post with those groups?


These are just some examples of why you would want and use lists to organize your Friends.


Ok, how do I create a List?



So let’s go over creating a list.


Go to your home newsfeed.


Over on the left-hand side, there’s a section called “Explore,” and under that, there is an icon for “Friend Lists.”



Click that icon.


On the next Page, in the top left is a “Create lists” option, you can also click on “See All Friends,” and you can see all the existing lists that you have now, the ones that Facebook probably created for you.



Click on “Create a List,” you name it. Add members who you would like to be on that list.

As you start typing names, the autofill will pop up and start listing out names. If you can think off-hand of people you want to add to that list, start typing their names in.



To add someone to a list going forward as you get new friend requests, you can find them on your Friends list, and you will see a “Friends” button next to their name. Just hover your mouse over that button and a submenu will pop up. Click on “add to another list…”



Now you can choose a list to add that person to, and you can add people to multiple lists.



Okay, let’s go over changing a list.




Click on the friend’s list in the explore menu, and you can click on the list that you want to edit.


Click on the list, it will open up, and in the top right-hand corner, it will say manage list.



Click on that button, a drop down menu will come up, allowing you to rename the list, edit the list, or delete the list.


DELETE: When you delete the list you’re not removing those friends from your friend’s list, you’re just removing the list filter.


Another way is to click on a list to see everybody on the list. To add people to it, you can uncheck them, so they’re not on that list anymore.



Facebook lists are a hidden gem. So many people don’t realize this even exists! So I hope this helps you think of all the benefits creating some lists for yourself can do. Business or personal, this is a tool anyone can use.

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