I’m sure if you’ve been learning about ways to market online you have seen a lot of talk about launches, but what if your business model does not involve launching a new product or service? 

Enter an easy DIY Marketing Campaign.9

In the marketing world, we call our monthly marketing goals with projects – campaigns. 

A campaign is having a goal for the month – “grow my email list” and everything you do that month is done with to grow your email list. 

When I first started my online business over 10 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to online marketing. I researched and learned, and read a lot of articles on launching, but that didn’t fit my model either. 

I just wanted to get my content out there and start building my email list. Email marketing was something that I learned would help me gain traction for my online business. 

So I sunk back into the world of randomly coming up with something that sounded good at the moment. I set up pop-ups and opt-in forms on my website and that helped to capture some of what little traffic I had flowing to my website, but I needed a way to get more traffic. 

I struggled to grow my email list, I struggled to create a flow of content that made sense to my audience. It wouldn’t be until years later that I learned what I needed was a campaign. A guide for my monthly marketing. That would be my answer to reaching goals and knowing what to create for my audience. 

Here is how an effective campaign looks:

Get out your calendar (or open your digital calendar) and look at the next 30 days. What is your big goal for this month? Email list growth? More sales? 

Write your goal at the top and now what things help drive that goal? 

Goal: List Building?

Offers like coupons or percent-off discounts can help. What is the free thing you give to people in exchange for their email address? Now pop that into your calendar at least once a week for your social posts this month. 

Do you have an article on your blog or webpage on your website that talks about what you do or sell? Pop that into your calendar once a week for your social posts. 

You want people to get to know you, so do a “meet me” or “who we are” post once a week (it doesn’t have to be a photo of you but that helps, or a super short fun video). This post is meant to introduce you if you are the face of your business, or your business to new people and tell your audience a little about your story. Give your audience a peek into your world.

Goal: Increase Traffic to your website?

Share a blog post or webpage from your website to drive people to your website so they can learn more about who you are, what you do or what you sell. Help the viewer with links too!

The best way to start driving traffic to your website is to create one piece of original content (blog post) each week to your blog. This is a good way to start to gain traction. Then share that content on every one of your social platforms.

Have evergreen content? What’s that you ask? Evergreen means it is tried and true content that is relevant for a long time. Evergreen content stays relevant, it may need some updating now and then, but it lasts a long time. This is the content that gets new eyes on your website, social media, and begins the trust-building with new potential customers. Share this content regularly to help guide new people to your website. 

New original content.

If you aren’t yet creating new original content on a regular basis, I highly recommend it for keeping your audience coming back for more. It also keeps your website fresh, which is very important for getting new traffic through SEO. 

New regular content on your website keeps search engine crawlers crawling your site and finding new content to share with web searchers. 

This content can be videos, blog posts, or podcasts. It can be videos you did on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube that you download and embed in a blog post on your website as well.

Fresh content says you are relevant and your website is still alive and active. It’s important if you want to be found in searches. 

As a local business, you have a much better chance of being found if someone is looking for your products or services in your area and you have a blog post about them. 

Your content will rank higher in local search results if other businesses like yours aren’t blogging and I’ll tell you a lot of businesses are leaving this piece on the table. You can get ahead of the curve just by posting a weekly blog. It doesn’t have to be complicated or long.

And this original content will help your pop-up do its job even better. The more traffic you send to your site, the more people you can possibly convert to your email list. And if they are interested in your original content, they’re probably interested in what you offer on your email list.

Need more help setting up your campaign? Check out all of the monthly marketing ideas here.

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