Yes and the ones that aren’t are missing out on some great stuff. According to WordPress there are 409 million people reading more than 20 BILLION blogs per month.


Let that sink in.


That’s about 48 blog posts read per person a month.


Social Media Today found that companies who blog get 88% more leads per month, than companies who do not blog.


Wouldn’t you like 88% more leads?


Why does blogging work?


  1. Sets you up as an expert and authority in your industry.
  2. Builds SEO to your website to drive more traffic to your website & builds credibility with search engines.
  3. Blogs are rated as one of the top trusted sources for accurate information.
  4. It’s cheap and free advertisement.


After you get in the habit of blogging you develop an efficient way to communicate your message and share it around the internet. And you allow others to do the same with your content. So many sites accept blog submissions and you can reach their large audiences, for free.


The more blogs you have, and the more you have people sharing your blogs all of the sudden you become the known expert in your industry.


Now your blogs have to have great accurate content to get people to want to share it. Blog posts must include actionable items that produce results for people to get excited about. Or have encouragement that keeps them motivated and inspired, or entertains them or challenges a belief they once held. Something to impact their lives.


Blogging for your business is one of the best ways to build your SEO for free, without a whole lot of experience as an SEO marketer and help build your ranking in the search engines. And guess what, this happens so much faster for local businesses! You aren’t competing in the world, you are competing in your local community, and how many other of your competitors are blogging? If none, you will have the advantage.


A note on SEO, there is so much to SEO.

Blogging is an easy way for those of us who are not SEO experts to gain ranking in search engines without having to know all the technical SEO website optimization. But a few other simple things local businesses can do to boost SEO:

  1. Google my Business
  2. Claim accounts for the main social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest).
  3. Make sure to blog about your business niche and use the terms related to your business and geolocation.
  4. Use images in blog posts and name them with the keywords of your post.


Boosting your SEO will boost your ranking in search engines and how far up on the search results you will appear when your potential customers are looking for your products or services. This will increase your leads, make search engines happy and connect you with more potential customers and partners.


How to blog to get more customers: Quality content, regular publishing, and good design.

    1. Ask for readers to take action – trade email for more info. Give them something free (a discount, a list, how to guide, special small piece of your product or service that will convince them to move forward with you).
    2. Educate your audience about problems you solve that they might not be aware of.
    3. Stories. Behind the scenes of what you do. (do you have a product? Show them some behind the scenes of wrapping your product, selection of ingredients, something you do to make the product and get it to them). The relationship between the product, you and the customer. Same for services, tell your stories of results you have seen from your services and working with your clients.
    4. Authenticity is the biggest trend in what customers across all industries are eating up. Showing them you are a real person behind your business. Tell your customers what you are doing, trials, errors, successes, behind the scenes are all hot content right now with customers.


Now I know What you’re going to ask because it was my biggest problem.


What do I write about?


Well, I have just the thing to help you out! My FREE Social Media Planner, this will help you identify topics to talk and write about for your blog and on your social media posts. >>Click here<< to get your copy. 



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