Done For You


The truth is: The money in your bank account right now is in direct correlation with how many people you have helped.

So, how does that make you feel?

You’re one heck of a busy business owner, dealing with work tasks piled up to the ceiling, and the last thing you need to do is carve time from your already busy day to learn funnels even though you may want to.

Of course you’re a go-getter, you like to do it all, maybe it’s even exciting for you to learn new processes that will help grow your business, but the truth is time is money. Every minute you spend learning something outside your expertise is another client lost in your DIY shuffle.

Because you DIY way too much: building your own website, doing your own design, and tapping away at your keyboard to get the writing done.

And, if I have you pegged right then you’re probably setting up your own systems too (or maybe that is on your to do list for tomorrow along with a dozen other things).

Control freak much?

Yeah, me too.

So tell me, how long do you plan on working every piece of your business by yourself?

When do you plan to take ownership of your CEO seat and let an expert step in to market smarter for you?

What if you had a system that allowed you to have more time in your day? Like more time to talk with new clients and connect with more of your followers?

What if this same system would enable you to go on vacation with your family and have the money STILL ROLL IN?

Right now I’m sure you’re struggling to stay afloat, keeping in regular contact with your followers, and having a hard time bringing in new potential clients.

I have to ask: Is every month a toss up of uncertain income?

You probably have every intention of getting the systems in place to automate your business because you know it needs to be done. But- when can you lift your head above water to do it?

Or maybe, you just don’t even want to do it, but you know it needs to get done, like now!

If you are where I once was, you have half done sales pages, “systems” that are partly set up, and then – you get stuck. You need ANOTHER program to help finish it or you need to do more research to figure out that piece of automation.

Have you tried that new software program that claims to take all the hassle out of building systems? Have you researched for hours what programs are best, even signed up for one, and then hit a wall?

Surprise –  more learning for that as well!

After all that I can understand you’re probably tired of investing time and money into “systems” and magical formulas. Yeah, why would you, so far this hasn’t worked. None of your effort is paying off. Nothing is getting completed. In the meantime, your hair  is turning gray and your coffee is running out.

The honest truth is unless something changes you will never have more time in your business.

Systems are complicated. I just spent 4 days on a simple funnel. A SIMPLE funnel it wasn’t even a stacked funnel or a webinar funnel. FOUR DAYS!

What can you do with that kind of time?

Do you really want to spend it on learning and building a funnel. If it took me 4 days to build one funnel. Guess how many will it take you?

It’s easy to think you’ll save money doing something yourself, but what you end up doing is robbing yourself of time. Time is your most valuable currency. You are taking time from building your business, from working with clients, from your family, from your personal time, from vacationing, and fill-in-the-blank.

Oh have I been there, done that, way too much. Nowadays I specialize in helping businesses build their Funnels (aka Systems).

I do it for you because I want to help you succeed. My team and I can get it done faster while you use that time to work ON your Business instead of IN your Business.

Wouldn’t you love more time so you can focus on what you do best – YOUR BUSINESS?

Yes, all the information you need is out there, we discussed that. The information for anything is out there, but it’s not learned without robbing yourself of time to discover how to implement. So what I ask every one of my clients is ….

Do you have the time to research, implement, plan, test, troubleshoot, and keep up with the ever changing information on Systems and Funnels?

Is TIME the cost you are willing to spend?

Or could you use that TIME to be doing something else in your business? More time with actual client work? More time to build your business and see the big picture? More time for that family vacation you have been promising everyone you were going on?

My team and I can get your business up and running on line. From Ready Made WordPress Websites to Social Media Management or Strategy to Building Funnels to get your business growing. We have done the research, we test and plan all the time, and we can troubleshoot faster and keep up with all the new “things” and Ideas. All so you don’t have to.

Let us use our Genius so you can use Yours!

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