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Canva is one of my favorite tools that I use in my business daily. I have my clients sign up for a free account and get started if they don’t have a budget for hiring a graphic designer, or the skills to do it on their own. I do suggest the paid monthly subscription so you can get things like more free images, resizing of images, more download options, transparent background download option, and more sharing options.


A little playing around in the program and you will be up and running in no time. The more you use it, the more creative you’ll find yourself getting! It’s fun to be a graphic designer without needing all the special skills in graphic design programs.


I do use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop regularly, but for quick and easy designs I use Canva because some things are just quicker with Canva. If I need specialty features and more advanced design I use AI or Photoshop, but in Canva I can make graphics for social media, blogs and event images a lot faster. If you are getting your business up and running and need nice graphics for your marketing promotions, social media, letterhead and business cards Canva will fulfill all your needs.


Canva has a simple drag and drop interface, making it super easy for anyone to navigate and pick up quickly. The template and layout libraries make creating designs even easier. There are flyers, documents, presentations, social media graphics that are premade so all you have to do is to change the colors and fonts to match your brand and update the copy to say what you want it to say and download. Switch out the images, change the filters or brightness and contrast for different effects. That is the other great things about Canva – the $1 stock images…where else can you get $1 images? These are only available for download for 24 hours. But if you do want you can purchase stock images and upload them into Canva as well.


I use free stock photo sites and upload those into Canva. and are a couple of my favorite free stock photo websites. For paid images, you can use Shutterstock, istockphoto, Adobe stock, and my favorite paid source is Creative Market. Where you can get fonts, elements, and images.


Set up favorite templates in Canva for easy future use and to create consistency in your brand. For example, I create a template for all my blog post images, my quote images for social media, presentation slide templates and then I can use these templates each time I have a new blog post or social media quote. It’s all ready to go. Plug in my new content, change the background image and download from Canva and use!

I created a video for you here that walks you through Canva and how to use its basic features with some of the tips that I use daily.



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