00:03                           Get some more light in here.

00:05                           All right.

00:08                           Hi everyone. Happy Sunday. I hope everybody’s excited about daylight saving time ending and getting an extra hour today. I just woke up early. I didn’t get to sleep in or anything. So for me, it was just another day, but now I’m maybe, that’ll help with my goals of getting up earlier. Maybe I can just keep getting up earlier every morning from now on. It’s not going to help though that 5:00pm it’s going to be dark. That’s the thing that I hate about this in a year is that it’s always so dark at 5pm, so my body’s off and then I want to go to bed earlier.  Hopefully you guys are enjoying your extra hour today and if you’re here with me I’m really excited to have you guys. Thank you for joining me. Type in the comments so that you’re here, where you’re from, what some of your questions for canva are.

01:01                           And if you’re watching the replay just type in replay and that way I can know you’re watching the replay and I can make sure to catch any questions that you have after the fact that this is live. So let’s, let’s jump in. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about if you’re using canva, you’ve probably seen over on the lefthand side that, it says Canva 2.0, they’re Beta testing it right now, which is good because I think there’s some things that need to be changed in it.  and while it looks really different and the functionality can be slightly different as well.  I think that the, you know, the overall use of it is going to be really good. They’re just going to have to like flesh out a few things. you can use canva 2.0. Oh, and if you don’t like it, you can go back to the current version that you’re on now, which is great.

01:56                            any designs that you guys have right now in Canva, they don’t convert yet to 2.0 because they’re just Beta testing it and getting feedback at this point. you can give them some feedback after you use it a while. And so that’s what I did because I wasn’t, there were some things I’m going to say, I’m not sure that I’m convinced about this. There have been several times that I’ve like flopped back over into canva 1.0 and I’ve resisted this a lot.  and I’ve just finally committed myself over the last few weeks to really starting to use it and feeling out the options and going through it and just checking it out. So, let me show you, let’s just hop on over there. So this is what it looks like and it doesn’t look that different. The only difference would be that when you scroll down your, so when you click create a design,

03:00                           it doesn’t open the page that it used to in canva. 1.0. Oh. So the other version of Canva, when it opens up the page and you scroll down and you get like these, that is no longer there. Sorry guys, if you click on that, that’s no longer there. So when you go down you’re just going to get your designs and then it scrolls through, which is kind of cool. The way that it does this is out here. The way it does is it organizes it by some of the things you were working on, social media stuff, business documents. So the way that they were

03:33                           categorized together before, sort of how they’ve categorized your designs now, but instead of creating a design, they have this dropdown here which gives you some feedback of some things that they have that were on the menus before. But you can also now when you’re like for example right here it says try a book cover. So if you’re looking for a book cover, we’re going to search it. And I do like this option because I feel like it kind of gives you, like if you know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s easier to find. But if I don’t know what I’m looking for and I’m, you know, just wanting to kind of explore and see what available documents that they have a template so they have in canva already, like you know resumes, like things that maybe I wouldn’t think of. Those are right here now. And you can scroll through them.

04:25                           You can use this little button here too, so they have the same options. there are, I think some more, uh, I think they’ve added some more templates as well. Some more robust stuff in here. So, that is how you navigate the front page. So that’s kind of the difference in the look is just how it’s organized and how to now search flyer for real estate and you can find a real estate flyer click on it. It’ll open it for you to edit and give you all these options, which is pretty cool for real estate agents because I know you guys are making flyers a lot. Um, okay. So the next thing that I wanted to show you before we hop into like some of the changes in the way they design and edit, what I really do actually like is this little circle down here.

05:24                           It has all of this information so you can see what’s new in canva. They’ve talked about what’s, you know, what’s new in 2.0 this doesn’t really justify all the changes, uh, just tells you a little bit. So, you know, faster editing with more reliability that is disputed for me. I haven’t found yet that it’s faster or that there’s more reliability. In fact, I feel like it’s been slower for me. I don’t know if the program’s bigger, if there’s more going on behind the, so I’m hoping they fix that. That was part of the feedback that I did provide to them because that was not within you can publish directly to social media platforms. And that to me is not important because I’m not sure that I would use a. I don’t, I don’t know that I would use that because I schedule a lot of my social media and things that like, especially for pinterest and usually linking you know, I don’t want to directly publishes from canva. I want to have a link to someplace on my website. I’m usually with a facebook, I schedule it out and I like to schedule things in facebook just with the new algorithms I do you know, I do think that hootsuite and buffer have been least affected. They haven’t really been affected by the new algorithms. I’m just not sure if programs like this,

06:56                            will be like sufficient enough to publish directly from them. I just, I, you know, I’m sure somebody sees the benefit in it. I don’t, I’m just. Because I do a lot of bulk posting and scheduling out. I’m not usually just creating a design and popping it right in right away, but that might be something that you like, that you can publish directly to Linkedin, pinterest, facebook, twitter, slack. There’s some more are listed in there as well. You can search for templates instead of scrolling, which is what I showed you, and I do like that,  and then create a beautiful website and clicks. So this is kind of a cool thing. I have not tested it out yet. I’m again, not sure if I would use it, but it’s possible that I’d like to create a facebook or a facebook or a website, page and pop it in there.

07:51                           I will have to test that out.  but I’m a diehard wordpress user and that’s what I subscribe to and that’s what I recommend all my users use because you just don’t know, like,  you know, where, where you can take you first start out. So I always like to have options open, but. So that might be a cool thing. I’m autoplay presentations, which is cool. So this is kind of a cool idea. You can create presentations. You’ve always been able to create presentations in Canva, but now just like in powerpoint or Google slides, you’re actually able to create it in canva and present it from canva. So that’s kind of neat too. And I’ll show you guys that, um, so you can kind of go through here and see what other options they have. This, this little help button is cool. And once we get into a design, what I really like and it’s not in that other.

08:44                           So when you’re in the home page it’s not there. But when you click on this little circle here, there is a keyboard shortcut. This is awesome. So this is where so little shortcuts. If you’ve been on a canva workshop with me before, you know that I gave you a little shortcuts, like pressing the t button to add text into your design. But here they have even more now, now they have more controls because I don’t know that all these controls existed before. But even if they did, you didn’t always, always, know. So now they have this whole list of shortcuts that you can go through, you can see what they are. I want to say a couple things changed and now I can’t remember which ones. I think it has something to do with this, the moving or resizing. But,  either way, this tells you all of the, all the keyboard shortcuts and if you’re like me and like to save .02 Seconds to use shortcuts, then you’re going to like this so that’s a cool little new thing that they’ve got going to.

09:52                            and then this is just really good for helpful features and tips if you need to know how to do something, you can type it in here and then it’ll come up with whatever information as related to it, how to share and download. You can give them feedback. There’s tutorials. So they actually have,  over on canvas site, they have tutorial videos on how to use canva for certain different features and how to create stuff. So if you haven’t done that, that’s good because they give you a basic starting point, especially if you’re going to start with canva. 2.0 I would go over and look at the few videos that they do have for 2.0 before you start creating stuff, just to kind of give you an idea. So that was the, that this little button help button down here at the bottom is called canva assist.

10:41                           So that’s kind of cool. It makes things a little bit easier to navigate if you have questions. unlike, before you had to kind of go dig for it a little bit, but they have great.  they do really have great help. Their blogs really awesome. And they have a lot of information over there. So if we ever get stuck, that’s a great place. so the one thing that I’m really excited about that I really wanted to show you guys today is creating gifs or a movie option. So I always tell my clients that video is a big deal right now on social media. And so a lot of people don’t like to get their face in front of the camera. They don’t like to do a facebook live. And so even if their faces in front of the camera, they still are hesitant to do it.

11:27                           So this is a great way to get the benefit of video without having to record your face or your voice. And canva now has this great option, so in canva and the and the previous version of Canva, you probably have seen the option to download a gift, a gift, a gif, and it was not very robust though it was like one option. You can press the button that would just create it for you. So in 2.0, oh, they’ve expanded on that and now they’ve also created this movie option, which is cool because now you can put a bunch of pages together. So I just Kinda, this is the post that I had you probably saw and there’s an animated one on my page now to over and smart marketing squad facebook page. But I added just a couple, like I just popped in a few of these over here just to show you guys and give you guys an example.

12:20                           So I’m going to show you the gift first. So you’re going to scroll down. Oh, I think it. Pass it, I always pass it. You can do an MP4 or a Gif. So we’re going to do a gif and this shows you the options. So this gives you your little, your picture here, you can pick which one you like. So panning, block, sliding, like there’s some cool, these are your options. You’re limited to these options either the only options that they have right now.  but it’s kind of cool because now you can download this as a gift and when you upload it onto your page, it’s going to show you the gifts moving.  and if you do, this is actually a movie I told you I’m going to show you the gif first. I lied to you. Okay. Here. So this is a gif so it’ll just, it’ll go through these

13:19                           and then you can download it as an, as a MP4 as well, so that you can upload it as a video, not gif.

13:29                           So then you could download and it’ll download it over here. I’m like, I have one here. but then you would just upload it the same way you do any video to facebook and then you can see right here. So I did just this. I didn’t do all the other, all the other images. So the only thing that I noticed when I do this is that I don’t think that it autoplays so it’s been in, give them a little play button in the middle of the image and they’ll have to hit play first, but it’ll show that it’s a video and will be able to play it. And that’s what the gifts, if you upload the video, it’s most likely going to autoplay as a video so you can test them both out, see which one you like best and which one works best for you and just play around with it. So I really, this is one of the options that I really, really liked in 2.0. It’s probably one of the best features, because I do tell my clients all the time to, you know, just even create images. If you have a bunch of images that you just want to create like a little slide show, this is the best way to do it. So created in Canva, create different pages with whatever you’ve got going on. These were literally just graphics I grabbed over that were templates.

14:52                            this one I created. But the other two, so you could even pop in your image element and can add your pictures to it and make it your own and then just add a slide show of pictures from like an event that you had or something, you know, maybe even images around your store or your restaurant or you know, if you’re a real estate agent and you’re at a home, you can add a bunch of pictures to of a home that you’ve walked through. If you’re doing an open house, you can do the same thing. You can add text to it. So it’s pretty fun to, to create, that. And I think it’s pretty useful because I know there’s a lot of stuff out there.  adobe stock, and there’s a couple other apps too that you can create. I’m still shot. You can create a video was still shot. So it’s just another option that is easy. If you’re already in canva and you’re already familiar with it, it’s one less thing you have to learn and you can just create it in here. So let’s go through the navigation hasn’t changed a whole lot. Like the things in here are the same, it’s just the way it’s organized. You can see there’s templates right now so you can see how, let’s actually.

16:09                           That’s good.

16:10                           So you can see how they’re organized. So this is real estate, social, graphic, quote, graphics. You can click on all to see that, that like, so they’re, they’re organized by each section. So sale, social, graphic travel. When you click all, it’ll open up all in that particular category. You can also search. Would you were able to search before? I don’t know. I think I use the search option more than I used anything else in canvas for me. This is kind of the same. It didn’t, it didn’t change too much for me. So let’s do fun sales to see what comes up

16:49                           so you can search if you know that you have something that you want in particular if you go to elements, it’s the same thing. So here’s where it tripped me up just a little bit and I think it took me a little bit of time to grasp like what, where things were and threw me off of just, just a little bit and it’s actually not bad. It was just more of a transitioning from something I used to know to something that’s similar but not quite the same. So what I do like about this is you can search here, you can type in bird, you can search free, only hit enter and it’ll search everything. You can click photos so that it’s filtering only the photo free images of birds with that, our photos or only graphics. So these are all things that were here before that you were able to filter in your searches as well.

17:50                           But so what happens now instead of elements opening up and having these different sections, they’re just organized a little bit differently. So they still have their different sections. But how you go about looking through them is slightly different. So you can just see it may not even make a difference to you. Maybe it doesn’t change the way you do things, but it did, it did take me just a little bit of time to get used to like how to do this, but all in all I really, I usually know what I’m looking for or what I like so I can just search all you can browse the photos and this is kind of where. So when you were in photos before, you know, we have these nature people food so you had little squares and it felt to you is easier, you’d like, he didn’t have to scroll down as far to get to all of these but they can kind of give you a preview. So I’m not sure if the setups any better for me or any worse than it was before.I think I prefer the other view better because I don’t feel like I have to scroll as much, but

18:55                           you get a better preview I guess, of these items when you’re in there. So if you want to go out of shape, you would click all, unless it was one of those. So let’s look at this real quick. If you wanted to use this, you could just click that, like if you like that image, you know, you liked one of these first images, then I’m actually done.

19:18                           Then you can just click on those, but if they’re not and you want to see more, you would just click all and then you can scroll through it

19:25                           and then you can find the things that you want. And then when you want to get out of this, you’re going to click the x and then it’ll take you back to that page. So it’s just slightly different things that you probably become accustomed to over in the regular Cana and when you switch over here, it’s just a matter of readjusting and remembering what to do, where to go, how to click on things. I’m text is pretty much the same except if you notice. So I, I used the peak canva account and I have some uploaded fonts and I have my branded fonts selected. So now when you click on text, you’re not seeing your branded fonts, which I’m not really a fan of. So I

20:14                           so I always use because, because of this now, now I hit the letter t will automatically add font. What I liked before is that you could add your header font, like I could set my header font to be a certain font in my, my paragraph texts would be a different font and my smaller font could be a different font as well. And then I would just be able to click on those and they’d be here. So now I have to like add texts, go here and pick my branded font, which, you know, for it’s not, I guess it’s not that big, but because I’m such a shortcut fanatic. To me this feels like a longer process. It doesn’t feel like it was improved on. So, you know, just little things. So you can add a text box and it just adds it in the same as pressing t. If you click on the add a text box button there, these settings up here pretty much in the, in the top bar. And I think that you guys probably

21:16                           cannot see, I’m gonna see my mouse,

21:23                           but this top bar up here with all the font that none of that has really changed. So they’ve changed the name of position used to be arrangement or something like that. And I can remember it was, but it’s position like where you want an element. So we work in layers and canva. So basically you have layers of images and you have some layers that are below some layers that are above. And that’s what this position forward and backward is. So this is uh, this is on top because this is my font, but I can move it backwards and forward. So what I don’t like is before it used to give you these little dots to show you kinda like were in line, it was with the rest of the layers. So I could see like if it was close to the back or if it was, you know, almost to the back.

22:13                           Now I have to like move it back until I get it to the point where I know I want it to be. So just a few little things that that helped before. The other thing I don’t really like, I feel like I have a lot of don’t likes right now. But so before you used to have these little click buttons over here. Again, this is my, you know, making things quick for me. They’re gone, they’re not gone, gone. They’re just not here anymore. They’re up here. Now I have to click in this one page and now I have to click this and now I got to move it down. Now I got to click it again and move it down. I don’t like this at all because there’s sometimes where I move, if I’m working on a larger document, I create ebooks a lot and if I’m working on a larger document pressing that is two clicks versus just clicking this button and it followed along with me, you know, over on the right, it would follow along as that, that frame moved down and so I could just keep clicking that button. Now I have two clicks to get there. So don’t really like that. Gave them my feedback. But I’ve noticed there’s, you can add notes now, which is a new option you were able to, to, to move up and you were able to copy the page that the add a new page is down here

23:34                           still, um,

23:37                           but, and then renamed the page. You can name the pages. So there’s a couple of different options that are now in this dropdown menu. I still feel like it would be if it was over there to the side. And then let’s see. All right, so that it’s good to backgrounds. So backgrounds are a little bit different too. So just the way they’re setup. So within these menus, everything that we had before is pretty much there. Plus some because it feels like there’s more items or maybe I just didn’t see them before because now I can see more options. which would be a good thing. Uh, but when you click on background, it doesn’t give you just a solid color. She got to click solid color right here and then you can just choose it from the menu or you can add it to a pallette , you know, another palette. But so the backgrounds now are all here, all for free, shows you what’s free, sorted by color. So it’s Kinda nice to be able to see all that. You still have to scroll through it. You can still choose your solid colors. Let’s see. Uploads are the same, so you’ll see all your uploads, but folders has a new view. So now you have actual folder tab here in your folders are organized. So a little bit different. Now you get an image that kind of shows you a preview of something that might be in that folder. You have your, like main folders here. Purchase a photos,

25:13                           click out of that you know, logo files. If you keep your logo, file somewhere. And if you just go over here, if you guys can see next to the next to where it says logos in the tab, there’s a little x that pops up. If you click that, it’ll close out of that. And then take you back to the main list. So this will just show you. And then you can click on all of your designs and you can scroll through them.

25:37                           Exit out of that. So that’s, you know, I kinda like this. So like the way it’s set up, it makes this a little bit easier for me. and then you have your apps. So these are just other additional things you can use, you know, pop in your, link up your social media accounts so you can go ahead and schedule them or put them into a facebook. You can, this has canva schedule so you can save time by scheduling your social media. This is stuff I have not completely gone through yet at. So I’m going to just play around in here and figure it all out. but a lot of this is stuff that’s over in here as well in your download options. So there is another exciting thing that I actually really like about this. That is positive. So like I said at the beginning, your, any images that you have in canva and the first version of canva do not transfer to 2.0.

26:40                           Oh, yet. So if you have 2.0, up and running. And you open an image, you created a one point. Oh, it’ll look the same as before, it won’t transfer it over just yet, and I think it’s just because they’re trying it out and once they decide whether they’re going to move over and make the updates or however they do that, they might just incorporate updates into our other Canva account, I’m not sure how that’s gonna work, but it’ll edit just like it was before. So in order to get these new options, you actually have to create a brand new, like you can’t even go into an older canva template that you have an open it in 2.0 in it and copy it. It still doesn’t put it into 2.0, it knows that you created it before. So you actually have to start from scratch with a template or a, a graphic, whatever it is that you’re working on. Acid actually be started in Canberra from the beginning to get these options. So the cool thing though is when you’re going through images and you don’t pick a free image. So what happens now? So we always paid a dollar for any images that,

27:55                           um, let’s see. I don’t want to do free only

28:01                            so all come in for free.  let’s do a

28:11                           type in mark here

28:13                           and it’s gonna be. This is kind of cool too because it’ll filter all the free images as well for. Yeah,

28:20                           sure. I just don’t have.

28:33                           Okay, well it’s given me all the free ones first. So here’s, okay, here’s one that’s a dollar. So we usually pay a dollar for an image and you have 24 hours to use that in download. So the really cool thing about this is that now you can download this image, pay a dollar and you don’t pay for it again in this design. So if you copy it, you’ll pay a dollar the next time, but as long as you use this design, you don’t remove it and put it back in or you don’t copy the image to make another image as long as you use that. Like so say this background here that I have was a paid image. I would download it now and I would never have to pay a dollar again. So in 24 hours I can come back to the same design, the same document and I can, I can download it again without paying for.

29:19                           I can download it in in another way. So I think that’s really awesome that you have a one design you on images so you can use that image for that man, for that design and you can download it again five weeks later, you don’t have to pay the dollar again. Which I totally love because I work on, I mock up a lot of images, especially in ebooks and it’s a pain to have to pay, you know, every time you want to download that image, you know, especially when you’re working on something for a month that you know, is gonna be, you know, you’re gonna have to download it it a couple of times to give other people, you know, the document to review, have them give their changes, go make the changes, you know. And so when you’re working on stuff like that felt like a rip off to me.

30:04                           So I was glad to. I was glad that they figured that out because I think that is a much more fair. I’m fair price to pay as a dollar for the image in that graphic. Now, if use that same image and another design, obviously you’re going to have to pay the dollar again. So, you know, you can get around that by seeing a copy of if you want to, you know, copy if you want the same image or if you want, you want that image, but you want a different design on it, you know, just copy it with them. The same, same document, download just that page if you want a so you can actually download just by pages. And you were able to do that before and canva. Well, so if you just want to download the first page, you can do that, select it and click done and it’ll download just that peach.

30:52                           So, that is one, another thing that I really like. And then so if you’re using a paid Canva account, uh, one of the benefits is that you can resize the documents that you’re in. It’s changed very slightly, but for the better in canva. 2.0, so when you’re in your document, you want to resize it for let’s, let’s actually delete this. Now you can see how long it takes to really. I know it doesn’t take that long, but it’s really annoying that I could have just hit this little delete button over to the right of my image and it would have been done faster. So anyway, moving from my complaints, uh, this. So now I want to resize this. So I’m going to click on resize and before in Canva, the resize didn’t let you, it would make you choose and then it would just copy the design and make it another document which is not necessarily always want what you want to do in before you had to click on file and there was a resize option up here.

31:57                           So now you don’t have to do that. Now it’s all in one place. You can actually click on this and you can click resize and it will resize it in this document without creating a new one, unless you want to make it, you know, copy and resize it, unless you are trying to preserve the one graphic that you created and you want to make a copy of it and keep both, both sizes of it. Or if you wanted to go in here and you wanted to make three different versions, like say you have, you know, a facebook post, but you want to make it into a flyer and a card and a postcard. You can go click all of those, copy and resize and open each one of those in a different,do this in a different document for you. So now you have three different versions of the same graphic already sized for you. So I do like that

32:50                           setting better. I feel like that did help a little,  a little bit more. So,

32:57                           see

32:58                           it did go over that it doesn’t cross, they don’t pass between the Canva 1 and 2.0

33:06                           and then just, you know. So I pretty much told you guys the things that I like and the things I don’t like about it. I would definitely encourage you guys to go in to Canva, play around in it, try to point. Oh, you can always go back to canva 1.0, and know that any of your current images and graphics that you’ve created, flyers, documents, whatever it is, anything that’s been created in canva currently is going to remain there. So it’s not going to change everything. It’s not going to ruin your canva account. It’s absolutely worth going and testing and playing around with because you might like it better. But I’m hoping what they’re doing is taking all the feedback that they’re getting and they’re like tweaking things so they can kind of combined some of this stuff that maybe they didn’t carry over from the previous canva into 2.0.

33:52                           And making it a little bit easier for us. So I think that was their goal. I am definitely check it out. I definitely think that it’s worth checking out, playing around in it. There’s not really anything to lose. You can hop back to it. I think I hopped back and forth between like the old Canva and this Canva five times, at least before I committed to sticking with it. And if I couldn’t figure something out, I made myself work through it, figure it out and go forward. And I didn’t mean to be honest. There wasn’t anything that really got me stuck. I just was really annoyed with the way that it was set up in a couple of times, especially when I’m in there trying to create something quickly and I know how to do it quickly and I know all the shortcuts and the same shortcuts maybe don’t work and everything’s on the same place after reacclimate myself.

34:44                           So, you know, when you’re in a hurry it’s not great, but when you have time and you’re able to mess around with it and choose all the options, you actually get better at it and go, oh, okay. That’s not as bad as I thought. Like at first I swore I hated canva to Quito. I’m getting a little bit warmer to it. And,  you know, the more I use it, the world as well, so I hope that you guys found some helpful information in this and that if you have any questions, you guys reached out to me and let me know. I definitely want to hear from you guys and see what you guys think about canva. 2.0. whatever. If you have like struggles with it, if there’s things you like, things you don’t like, like definitely share them with me because I’d really like to hear what you guys think. I feel like I’m a little critical of it.

35:38                           You know, you guys might not feel the same or maybe it’s harder for you. And if it is then I, I really do need to know that for, you know, helping my clients because they do help a lot of clients use canva, teach a lot of people how to do it. I have a good group of clients that I’m not, I haven’t quite yet switched them over to it just because I’m still trying to get them acclimated to Canva, let alone changes and things updating. So let me know if you guys have any input if you guys have any feedback, and what you like, what you don’t like, what you got questions on and what you want to learn more about. Like maybe we can go through how to create some canva designs, in future facebook lives if that’s what you guys want to do because there’s so much we can do in canva.

36:24                           I really, I do use illustrator and I do use photoshop and I use canva as my go to like day to day, especially if I have people helping me that you know, they’re not, they’re not saying client but they’re not used to using like illustrator is a hard program and it takes, you know, a lot of time. It took me years really to master photoshop and illustrator even though it’s similar, like it’s still taking me time to really get in there and master it. The Way I do photoshop and even then I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered, I can google anything and find it, but that’s a, you know, those are harder programs to you. So if I’m working with somebody who wants to be able to help with the creative graphic design piece of it, it’s easy for me to get them to use canva over photoshop or something like that.

37:15                           It’s just a lot easier, a process and it’s quicker. It’s a lot quicker for me to go through and create images and graphics and social media posts in canva than it is to start something from scratch in illustrator or photoshop. But there are times that I have to use illustrator photoshop because there are definitely limitations in Canva, but most likely everyday use, things that you need every day. You’re not going to need photoshop. You’re not going to need any of the, you know, little tricks and tips and being able to cut things out and layer them in different ways. So, canva, bold help you really get far in your business, especially for things like business cards and letterheads and you can create logos, amazing logos in Canva, which is crazy. And you can create just everyday stuff, social media posts, every social media post I have, I have a template for that.

38:12                           I just pop things into, and I want to start sharing those with you guys as well. Hopefully that’s something you guys are interested in. and that leads me into, for December, so I’m going to be launching coming up soon. I’m in the new year, I’m going to be launching a membership and it’s going to be each month we’re going to have workshops that are live workshops where we’re on a call together, people are asking questions, we’re in a group setting where you’re working with other business owners as well that are going through the same challenges and seeing things that you are. And it’s all gonna be based on online marketing. So I help a lot of clients with online marketing strategies and that’s anything from their websites, email marketing to social media. So it’s not just limited to social media, I will talk a lot about that because a lot of, I get a lot of questions about social media and how to, you know, run it, how to strategically plan your social media so that you’re not spending so much time because the marketing, it feels like marketing can be kind of a time sex sometimes, especially when you’re creating graphics and you’re doing it all on your own.

39:26                           And so, I want to share templates in there for you guys to use to help you guys save time and teach you the things that are effective, give you the information that you need in order to, for you to make the decision on whether you really need to use the new upcoming features that are popping up in social media which are like everyday, right? So the membership is really just to help support you as a business owner and get your online marketing. You know, like, strategize, like planned out and strategize so that you’re actually bringing in, you know, you’re, you’re bringing in more traffic, you’re bringing in more leads and you’re making more sales in your business and that way you don’t have to go out and get all the information because that’s what I do all the time. I’m always looking at what’s going on in social media.

40:13                           I help my clients with that. That’s like the thing that I love, which sounds kind of Funky, but it is, it’s something that I just, I love to learn about and test out. And I love to help small businesses, especially since I know that they’re running on a slim budget and a small two zero team. and so I want to help be that team for you and help you build your business because I don’t want you to waste the time working on your business, on all these things. When I can help you get that going and I can help you build that up and I can help you strategize in a way that’s going to help you save time, get your marketing on point and get more traffic leads in sales. So I’m going to be opening up a special offer for December, for charter members.

41:04                           So new people who, are looking to test this out with me the first month, it’s only $37 and you get one time, one on one time with me or well, group time with me in facebook lives within the group that we won’t be doing, on the, on the public page here. But we’re going to be doing a workshop workshops. I’m going to give you templates. I’m going to give you a calendar that you can follow us to help get your marketing going and to, get your marketing plan in place and start seeing results. So we’re going to be testing that out in December and I’m going to be launching in January, but I want to have a good group of people in December to test it out and see you know, like how we can make it the best for everybody in that group.

41:49                           So if you’re interested in that I’m gonna pop a link below for you guys to check it out and sign up for it. And we’re going to start at the beginning of December and we’re going to have four facebook lives on a topic that we’re gonna dive deep into depth on and it’s going to be a topic on social media and online marketing. It’s going to be a topic that you can actually take actionable steps and learn more about. And we’re going to spend a whole month on these topics so that you learn the ins and outs and you can learn if it’s gonna work for your business. If it’s right for you. I’m just, because we talk about it and it works for a lot of people, doesn’t mean it’s gonna work for you and your business. So we’re going to go over all of that and I were really want to build the community that’s going to help support that because there’s not a lot of local business communities out there and people, you know, there’s a lot of online marketing, there’s a lot of social media and a lot of it is really geared towards people who are targeting national audiences.

42:49                           And I’ve noticed working with local businesses that it’s a little bit different when you are talking online marketing in a local community and there’s not a whole lot of groups of local businesses that are working together to kind of feel that out to a partner with each other to learn, learn from each other and learn what everybody’s doing. And so I really want to provide that for, local businesses. I mean, and that means that means anybody who owns a business and your marketing to a local community in your area. So real estate agents, restaurant owners, if you’re a farm or if you’re, farmer’s market. I mean, just anything that’s local where you’re dealing with a local audience in a specific geographic area. That’s what I specialize in. It doesn’t mean that these things will not help people who are marketing on a national level or even across a larger area.

43:47                           It’s just, that’s my focus because I feel like that’s where I’m getting a lot of questions from our people who are owning local businesses and struggling with that. So if you’re interested you can send me a direct message or you can click the link below. I’m going to pop it in right as soon as we’re done here. And if you have any questions about that, let me know. So happy Monday everybody. Happy daylight saving time ending and hopefully the dark doesn’t put you to sleep at 5:00 PM because it might for me, my 5:00, it’s going to be dark out and I might just crash on the couch because I was up so early this morning because of the time change as well. But I feel really productive today. So it’s good thing. Alright guys, have a great week. Talk to you next week.


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