Entrepreneurs and Digital CEOs I work with oftentimes don’t have systems in place. Their teams are small or they’re solopreneurs. The one thing that is always the same is they didn’t really think they had any systems and they didn’t know how to capture those systems.


The truth is they definitely had systems, they were just stored in their minds and with regularity in certain tasks they just did them. 


But it’s important to get them out of your head and documented in a place to reference, adjust and share. 


Most times these business owners were so deep in the weeds and feeling like they had to keep it all afloat they felt huge resistance to documenting systems. Rather than take the time and identify what they are already doing, they just avoided it all together. And when you are backlogged it can feel almost impossible to do the things you know need to be done for the greater good of your business.


But the Biggest block I saw? The “all-or-nothing” mindset.

I don’t just see this in business, I see it in everyday life. The feeling comes over me quite often, and sometimes I don’t even identify that is what I’m doing. 


I truly believe that this mindset is what gets in our way in all aspects of life – diet, health, organization, building businesses, and follow through.


Thinking that the only way is all or nothing can kill your inspiration, motivation and your success.


That should scare you. It scares me, I don’t want this holding me back in all the great things I can do to help others.


This mindset is what creates roadblocks in our lives and in our journey. It’s an antiquated perfectionist mindset. It’s not your friend and it’s not helping you. Straight-talk here, you need to LET GO of the perfection and “act as if” going forward. 


ACT AS IF your processes are in place and flowing, ACT AS IF you are already eating healthy and working out, ACT AS IF you have it all under control. 


This will help to put your mind at ease and obliviate the overwhelm. But you have to really do it. And when you don’t get it just right and something slips, don’t give up, it’s not the end of the world. Keep going AS IF you didn’t slip, and don’t look back. Overtime you’ll get better.


So what are some steps you can take to bypass this block and apply it to your business organization?


1. Break things into bite-sized pieces.


Trying to lose weight? Don’t try to eat healthy 100% of the time and workout 5 days a week for 1 hour a day all at once. Build up to the goal. Pick ONE of those things and move forward.


Have a backlog of chaos in your business files? Start today going forward with your processes. Get someone to help you catch up on the backlog, or attack the backlog in sprints…scheduled time to do as much as you can in that time. 


All new things going forward get taken care of and the backlog you work on progressively.


2. Schedule it out.


Marie Forleo says if it’s not scheduled it’s not happening. Amy Porterfield says if it’s not in Asana (project management software) it’s not happening. Love these ladies and this advice is gold. 


Put it on the calendar. Block out time and use your processes (see #3) to do it faster and more efficiently. That thing that you have been avoiding, put it on your calendar and set the amount of time you will spend working through it, and do as much as you can on that task – nothing else. Do this as many times as you need to get “that thing” done.


3. Have a Process


Have a process to apply going forward and use it. Processes get us in the habit of getting things done in a certain way, so it’s easier, and faster. No mental checklists that we can’t rely on or share (my mental checklists are usually broken). 


Don’t have a process written down? Identify 2 or 3 processes you want to capture, the first ones you want off your plate. Then when you are scheduled (#2) to do that task again, write down all the steps as you go. Put it in a document. Then use that process the next time you do the tasks and make notes or changes. 


The bonus to this is that having these processes in written form, make it really easy to pass off to our team or an assistant. So that backlog that you have a VA working on is now super easy to pass off with less of your time.


4. Start from now, not from the past.


Sure you might need to catch up on things, but looking back only creates overwhelm and usually what causes us to throw our hands up. And if it hasn’t been done so far, it’s probably going to be just fine.


Starting in the now creates momentum and immediate success. Make a plan for the past: hiring help, use your team, schedule blocks of time to chip away at it. And keep looking forward.


What have your blocks been? Finances? Processing files? Emails? How are you going to act as if and move forward?


What area of your business have you been neglecting? Pick ONE and use the process above. Start from today and ACT AS IF.


Want a checklist to help? Click Here. Pop over in the FB Group for more guidance through this process. We talk about business systems and organization and the things you need to get your business moving from chaos to flow.

Biggest Block in Creating Systems

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