The coronavirus pandemic has changed our world in many ways, more people are working from home, meetings are done virtually, and because so many people are home, digital media consumption has increased significantly.

That’s right this means people are on social media a lot more, and watching connected TV a lot more (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) so now is a great time for you to be sharing your farm, your products and your team on social media.

Video is one of the ways you can spread the word, in fact, one of the most effective ways to communicate your message.

Whether via Zoom or recording video on your phones these tips will help you create a great video while working from home.

  1. Use Airpods or Earbuds that have a mic for better audio.
  2. Adjust your Phone/Camera/Laptop (use books to prop your camera to eye level) or use a phone tripod.
  3. Take a look at your background! Are you in a messy room where clothes or junk are strewn about? This can be distracting and make you look unprofessional. Choose a wall, bookcase, or something clean and simple behind you – preferably not a window. Make the bed behind you, move the dirty or unfolded laundry out of view. Clear the clutter out of view.
  4. Make sure light is to the side or in front of your face, not behind you otherwise you might end up with a dark view or one that goes in and out of dark to light.
  5. Look into the camera when you are talking (this might feel awkward, I know) but it helps get that in-person 1:1 feel.
  6. Videos specifically intended for use on Instagram should be filmed vertically so the video can be used on both Facebook and IGTV.
    • There are ways to crop horizontal videos for IG as well, but it’s much easier to capture it specifically for the platform.
  7. Ideal Length:
    • 1-3 minutes is great, but video 3-5 minutes long is what the Facebook algorithm really likes.
    • IGTV minimum 1 min
    • IG Stories 15 sec each slide, if the video is longer, you can use the Storio app and it will break the video into 15-sec slides for you.Β 
    • If the video is longer than 1 min it’s best to utilize IGTV.Β 
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