Best Marketing Investment for Your Business

2021 brought a lot of changes to marketing for businesses. In the coming year, my prediction is email will be an even more relevant and powerful tool for businesses to connect with their customers.


Top reasons email marketing is the best marketing investment to help your business thrive:


  1. Consistent Communication – every business needs a way to stay in touch with prospects and customers. 
  2. You own your list! Unlike on social platforms where your posts are controlled by a 3rd party, you have to pay to play, and if the platform goes so does your audience.
  3. Automation! This should sell you on the value right here. Wearing all the hats in your business means you are doing A LOT. But with automation, you can set up a personalized and authentic message to every member of your audience as they  come in – without your time every time. 
  4. Trust. Man when people trust you, they buy from you. And when they see you on Facebook and Instagram they trust you, and they can comment and DM you, but in email, you get to start the conversation in their inbox. Regular emails of value help to nurture your customers and stay top of mind. 

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