B2B Marketing in 2024

What every marketer should be prepared to focus on in 2024.

Most of the marketing predictions you’ve read are probably as generic as the ones I’ve seen:

  • More short-form video
  • AI
  • The demise of certain tactics
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Authenticity and Humanization
  • Personalization and Automation

Am I right? Generic checklists of things we all have on our radar that can hardly pass as predictions that don’t help me take the next steps.

I made it a point to dig into data, survey results and insights by marketers, providing a deeper dive into this past year and what B2B Marketers are saying they’ll focus on in the coming year.

So you get takeaways. I actually decided to pull out the skills and ideas that every marketer should focus on based on the patterns I see in predictions and data I’ve been reading.

I chose most because they’re great skills and topics to help you approach marketing for B2B businesses in 2024.

You will either get asked about these things or have to execute them. Click the image below to download the full 8-page guide with recommendations.

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