90-Day Planning

If you pulled up your Big Vision and annual goals right now, where would you say you were in terms of progress? Are they written down? Do you know what you have to do this month or this week to help keep your goals (and dreams) moving forward?

The Challenges of Goal Planning

“My Goals are Big”

The problem:  you created some big scary goals but have not taken the following steps to break significant parts into digestible, doable actions. 

“I have my big goals broken down, but now where do I start?”

The problem: you may have broken your goals down, but one of two things might be happening, you broke goals into too many pieces, or you haven’t asked yourself, “what is the next logical step toward your big goals?” 

“I don’t know how to track my progress.”

 This is an easy place to get lost, but there’s also an easy solution! Once you have broken your goals into smaller digestible steps and put them in a logical order, start with 2-3 goals in the next 90-days, break those down into monthly and weekly tasks, and work on them each day. Once you do this, you will have progress tracking built-in – did you get done what you needed to this week? Month? Quarter? 

Why 90-Day Planning?

Now for the beauty of the 90-day goal structure. Rather than focusing on your big goals and all the things you have to do to get there, we will break it all down into bite-sized, doable work to ease our minds, the overwhelm and get focused.

The benefits of 90-day sprints:

  • Goals get broken into doable steps
  • Allows easily trackable progress year-round
  • Allows for check-ins and adjustments before you get too far into something that might not work or needs some adjusting
  • Caters to our short attention spans – let’s face it, we humans get bored easily
  • 90-days is enough time to accomplish something meaningful
  • Less time for procrastination
  • Less overwhelm – focused on less at one time
  • Refresh – we get to start new every 90 days to keep us engaged
  • Does this sound like something you are excited to get started? You can join me live on June 14 for a goal planning workshop and hands-on work session to get your next 90 days molded into something you can accomplish. Sign-up to try 30-days of the Profitable Small Business Group to join the workshop 

In the meantime use our 90-day goal sheet.

How To Plan 90-Days At A Time 

  1. Create or review your Big Vision goals for the next 3-5 years
  2. Identify annual goals that will help you reach that Big Vision. What needs to happen first? Tackle that this year.
  3. Create a maximum of 8-12 annual goals for the year, identify and prioritize these by what needs to happen first
  4. Next, take the 8-12 annual goals, prioritize them by what is logical or needs to happen first and map out 2-3 goals for each quarter
  5. Now break the 2-3 quarter goals into tasks and projects and map out your monthly, weekly and daily action steps

Work backward to break it all down, and once you do, you will have a simple way to track your progress and assess if changes need to be made or goals need to be adjusted. This is what taking action looks like. 

It’s easy to say I want to be the best online marketing resource for local businesses, but unless you break that into projects, tasks and actions steps, you may never get there.

What Next?

Join me Live!

Each quarter we meet in the Profitable Small Business Group  and walk through the 90-day planning cycle together. Get questions asked, and use this work session to get your next 90 days on the books. So when you come back next quarter, you can share your BIG WINS.

Join the group for free for the next 30-day and join us free in the workshop.

There are a few things we can do single-handed. That is why I host these sessions. It’s lonely being a small business owner or entrepreneur. Sometimes we just need some feedback and a kick in the pants from others – who “get it” and understand what we are going through. 

If that sounds what you need, our next group planning session is on June 14, 2022 in the Profitable Small Business Group

You can join any time of the year, and we’ll catch you up for the coming quarter. 

Join us this time, get 30-days of the group free, and try out the planning session with us.

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