Is there a reason to use both digital and paper planning tools – heck yes!

My not-so-secret tool for content planning is, of course … ASANA! All of my business information from my content to the back end of my business lives in Asana for my team to reference quickly and work together. 

Errrrrrvything is in Asana. If it’s important it’s there. We have a board with all business resources from financial, business, addresses, documented processes, brand info, brand messaging, content and product links, affiliate links, and anything else we use often.

My favorite paper planning tools help me manage the day-to-day and the 3-5 year goals.

In this episode we’ll explore how I use these systems together to make life easier for me and my team.


A glance at this episode:

[01:30] My not-so-secret system for planning 

[02:34] My second reason for using paper and digital

[03:59] My favorite planner

[05:12] Which project management software to use

[07:36] Steps to get started yourself


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