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Not every project is urgent, and not every client need is paramount.

How often do we find ourselves juggling multiple clients, each with their own set of demands, struggling to find a balance?

There was a time when I found it challenging to establish boundaries with clients, often feeling the weight of their expectations heavily. Wreaking havoc on my anxiety and peace.

This lack of boundaries led to work spilling over into my personal time, resulting in overcommitment and a sense of perpetual chaos and overwhelm.

It was a cycle that not only stressed me out, but also blurred the lines between my professional and personal life.

When I was finally fed up enough, I started to make plans. Plans on next steps to gradually climb out of this overwhelming state and reclaim control over my work and well-being.

Let me share with you the personal revelations that reshaped my approach to client work over the past 3 years.

Climb out of your overwhelm or avoid it with these tips.


  1. Set Specific Work Hours—and Stick to Them: Establishing a fixed schedule creates a structure that can help manage expectations—for both you and your clients. It’s about crafting a work-life balance that allows for both professional growth and personal well-being.
  2. Embrace Time Blocking: Allocate specific blocks of time for meetings, content creation and administrative tasks. I’ve found dedicating particular days for meetings and other days for heads-down creative work makes a world of difference. It’s about making the schedule work for you, not the other way around.
  3. Leverage Technology for Efficiency: There’s a plethora of tools out there designed to streamline the way we work. From project management software to time-tracking tools, finding the right tech stack can revolutionize how you manage your day. Here is my tech stack.
  4. Learn to Say No:Perhaps one of the most challenging yet liberating skills to master. Saying no to projects that don’t align with your goals or overextend your capacity is crucial for maintaining quality and managing stress levels. It’s one I recently started to get a grasp on.
  5. <Prioritize Tasks: Not all tasks are created equal. Identifying and prioritizing work based on urgency and importance ensures that you always focus on the right things at the right time. The Eisenhower Method is my favorite, it’s simple and straightforward.

I’ve gone from that feeling in the pit of my stomach anxiety on the daily, to loving my work and no longer dreading the week. (Which is why I became my own boss anyway, right?)

WARNING ⚠️ side effects:enhanced quality of work, deliver greater value to my clients while respecting my own time and energy.


  • This week, pick the one tip above that hit you the most.
  • Write how you can to implement it. Remember this is gradual.
  • Start to integrate the tip into your work this week.
  • Iterate and make changes that work for you.
  • Observe the changes in your productivity and well-being.
  • Gradually integrate more of these tips as you find what works best for you.

Mastering time management is not just about getting through your to-do list—it’s about creating space for what truly matters.

What are your most successful time management strategies? Send us a message at .

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