Powerful digital marketing for local businesses.

Some of the most fantastic advice out there is to do it imperfectly. That means starting and fine-tuning along the way.

I started this podcast imperfectly. That doesn’t mean we threw it together. Planning began this past summer, and we had eight recorded episodes before launch. We didn’t know all the details and steps involved, so we outlined as best we could and figured the rest out by taking action.

I say this because what you will hear in today’s episodes will feel like a lot.

Take a deep breath. Pick one of the areas I mention to start with that feels comfortable, then take messy action.

Don’t rush it but do it before you know all the steps.
Find a groove.
Improve upon that.
Then add in more.

What you’ll learn in today’s episode:

  • Why your local business has an advantage over big business
  • Push v. pull marketing, which to choose
  • Leveraging content for your success
  • How to attract your ideal people
  • Content planning for ease
  • How to really use social media
  • Facebook ads foundational strategies

 Here’s a glance at this episode:

[01:09] Why you have the advantage over big business in your local market.

[03:12] Avoid the the push marketing and attract instead.

[06:41] Leveraging content marketing for your local business.

[08:04] Your Ideal audience, the customer you want to clone.

[09:03] How to break content into more content.

[10:08] How to create the content plan of your dreams.

[13:12] What your social media channel is really meant to do.

[14:32] Google for your business.

[17:19] The winds of change in social and what it really means

[22:19] What a good ads strategy on Facebook looks like.

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