We’re Marketing in the Age of AI and Embracing the Future of Productivity and Innovation

So far, I haven’t met any marketers who actually think AI will take their job most seem to think it’s going to help them tremendously. I have met some who are suspicious and hesitant to use it, or concerned how others (oftentimes their bosses) will use it irresponsibly. Then there are those who think of AI as only specific to writing, and these marketers tend to view AI more negatively – AI is not human so it can’t create human sentiment or great writing and tend to be leading conversation about not using ChatGPT and other generative AI tools to do all the content creation.

All valid concerns and some truth to it all.

My biggest concern is non-marketing professionals dictating to marketing professionals how to use AI in their job, and non-marketing professionals viewing AI as a magic bullet and devaluing marketing services.

Not quite taking marketer’s jobs but the other end of the spectrum encouraging bad use of AI tools.

It’s our job as marketers to thwart that and educate non-marking professionals how AI can be used and how it cannot be – cut and paste.

AI can generate all kinds of data, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, drafts, brainstorms, lists, help you write outlines and quickly pull social posts from content.

AI is a tool, it’s a copilot or assistant, as some have explained it. I like that description because that is what it feels it’s been for me since I started using it.

It’s not set and forget! You can’t just type in a prompt and copy and paste the result – I mean unless maybe it’s code. But overall you do have to oversee it that I call it a copilot or assistant.

The data produced can be repetitive, it can be boring but with a few follow up prompts you might get things right where you want. But it requires you to prompt and guide it to the right answers or perfect content tone and writing style.

Let’s talk about AI and productivity. Specifically I’ll share how I’m using it in my every day marketing work.

First what does that look like?
– Content creation
– Proofreading
– Summarization tools
– AI design tools – hello Canva!
– Transcription tools
– Video editing and creation tools

 How has it looked in our lives so far. We’ve been using AI think chatbots (ManyChat), autoresponders, transcription services like otter.ai, GPS and navigation apps, your phone, Grammarly, spam filters, anti-virus software, Google! Siri and Alexa – all voice assistants, banking security to detect fraud, Amazon and Netflix.

ChatGPT is new and creating a huge stir because it’s the first time we’ve seen AI like this. People are wowed because the things that ChatGPT creates based on your prompts is beyond what we all expected. And on top of that the way we can interact with AI resutls and create even better results is again beyond what we expected.

Many of us see the potential to help simplify our daily tasks and help cut down on time consuming tasks getting to the meat of the task – maybe our favorite part. Cutting out that initial staring at a blank page. Or fine tuning ideas. Opening our minds to ideas that might not have come to mind. If you can cut down the time a task or project takes by starting with an assistant wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that?

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