Stillness sounds so simple, yet peaceful and wonderful … until you try it.

It’s incredibly uncomfortable. 

I become hyper aware of everything around me. How uncomfortable I am, how I don’t know what to do with my hands or what I should look at and what I’m supposed to focus on. 

This isn’t meditation you guys, it’s stillness. 

It’s as if ADHD has suddenly popped up. I fidget and keep instinctively going to do something or try to keep myself busy. 

The worst is how addicted to my phone I realize I am. 

I know I’m not selling this right now but stick with me.

I’m sharing this with you as my journey because I’m not as far into this practice as I wanted to be by now. 

Some of the positive results from stillness could be:

  • Less stress and anxiety (lord knows I need this)

  • Better focus

  • Decluttering your mind so things become more clear

  • Mental breaks help our brains sift through all the incoming information and I REALLY need this. 

This was something I decided to try because I’m tired of feeling like I am always on and my brain is trying to process so many thoughts that I can’t remember or process any of it. 

When I journal or meditate I discover the most creative ideas. And I do think daily stillness will elevate those results.

But I wanted to share a few lessons I’ve learned so far:

1. I’m more conditioned to grabbing for my phone than I thought.

2. The first 5 minutes are really great

3. Set a time each day and the place you will do this

4. Set a timer

5. Close your eyes if you’d like

6. Listen to the sounds, positive sensations and smells around you.

These things have all helped me steer my mind away from my conditioned responses – getting up to do something real quick, grabbing for my phone, or nervously sipping water. Things that are not stillness.

Meditation is slightly different for me, I usually lay down or sit up with my eyes closed in a quiet place and focus on breathing. Whereas stillness is just being where you are and taking in what’s around you and not doing anything except being. It’s simply being present.

I’ll check in with you on this again and let you know what else I learn along the way. 

What are your thoughts? Do you like meditation? Do you think there are benefits to stillness?


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