What’s serving you well and what isn’t?

Have you looked back on all those things that happened in 2022 that elevated your life?

Each year I take inventory of what served me and use that to determine what I’m going to keep doing.  Keeping the things that brought me happiness, fulfillment and success. I focus on things that helped me grow personally, things that produced results in my business and things that brought the greatest memories with my family.

Another year of abandoned goals isn’t where you want to be at the end of 2023.

And I know the cliche thing right now is “not creating resolutions.” The rebel part of me has always resisted resolutions but I use a different variation of resolutions – I use GOALS. They’re practically the same, just a different perspective of looking at it. Goals inspire and motivates me and help me assess my progress. If a resolution motivates you – do that. 

Whether you use resolutions or goals, the key is to take action. That’s what we’ll chat about today!

The aversion to “resolutions” steams from the insinuation that Jan 1 is a magic date that will change everything and it’s not, but we need a “starting” point – a fresh start, and Jan 1 gives us that. Heck every new week, month and season gives us that. Back in September I talked about how fall is the season that gives me a “fresh start” feeling. That is when I start looking at the coming year and assessing the current year. When January 1 hits, I’ve already planned out my first quarter of the year and started taking action. 

What I’m saying here is do what works for you.  

Listen to your gut, you know yourself best, what will produce results. what’s worked for you in the past. Do what works and improve on it. 

Whether you set goals or make resolutions, you do have to declare what you want in the coming year and have a way to work toward it. 

A vision board and some hopes and dreams all need ACTION. 

Let’s take a peek back on 2022 and see what worked for us. We’ll:

  • Reflect on the year
  • Feel all the gratitude and happiness there was
  • List the things that went well
  • Make a goals list – or write down our resolutions

STEP 1. Reflect on the year

Pull out your planner, open your calendar, content calendars, launch planners. What did you enjoy most? 

Llist all the things that you did that brought you joy and happiness. 

Of those things lets identify the things that are your zone of genius – the things that you are good at and that give you butterflies, things that really light you up.

STEP 2. Feel that gratitude

What are the things that made you happy and feel grateful for? Are you working from home and happy to be able to do so? Sit in that that good feeling a moment.

Did you read amazing books this year that brought you good vibes and impacted your business or life? Soak up that good feeling for a moment.

The longer we allow ourselves to sit in our good feelings the better we feel, the more positivity our brains will look for, and we deserve to feel that way more than we probably allow! 

Looking back on happy times helps our brains create more happy chemicals that can hang around and do more good.

STEP 3. List what went well

When you were looking back on what made you feel grateful what were those things? 

Make a list of all of those things.

STEP 4. Make a list

Take that list and decide what you want more of, and how you can add more of it into your life this year.

The key to avoid another year of dead goals is to write your list down, use it each week to remind you of what you are working toward and take action each week.

These are the things that I’m carrying into 2023

  • Reading + Journaling – this is an upcoming podcast. It’s been a source of inspiration for changes in my business this year, including this podcast.
  • Content Process Building – another key element that has helped me create more content than ever before
  • Morning Stretching – because I need to move my body more since I work at a desk all day. Stretching feels good and I’ve seen improvement in my lower back pain. I hope to use this goal as a gateway to more movement in 2023.

Whenever you’re ready here are 2 ways I can help you:

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  2. 1:1 Strategy Session to get you unstuck. Whether you need help with the tech, strategy, systems or programs setup – setup a time to work through it with me.

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